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1. The Faraday Effect in Semiconductors Due to Free Carriers in a Strong Magnetic Field
2. Thermoelectric Coefficients of Metals in Strong Magnetic Fields and the Effect of Drag of Electrons By Phonons
3. Thermoelectric Phenomena in Strong Magnetic Fields in Metals Possessing Various Fermi Surfaces
4. Dielectric Losses in Ionic Dielectrics in Strong Electric Fields
5. Some Features of the Thermomagnetic Effects in Ferromagnetic Metals
6. Hydrothermomagnetic Waves in a Weakly Inhomogeneous Plasma
7. Temperature Dependence of the Line Width of Resonance Absorption by the Lattice of Ionic Crystals
8. Thermal EMF Due to Electron-magnon Scattering in Ferromagnetic Metals
9. Kinetic Properties of a Low-density Plasma with Large Radiation Pressure and Electron-photon Drag
10. Thermomagnetic Waves and the Excitation of a Magnetic Field in a Nonequilibrium Plasma
L.E. Gurevich
JETP, 1963, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 373
PDF (647.1K)

11. Quantum Kinetic Equation in the Presence of Mutual Entrainment of Electrons and Phonons
12. Effect of Mutual Entrainment of Electrons and Phonons on the Transverse Electrical Conductivity in a Strong Magnetic Field
13. Behavior of a Plasma with Large Radiation Pressure in a Strong Electric Field
14. Electromagnetic Spectrum of Ferromagnetic Metals in a Stzong Electric Fleld and its Excitation
15. Acceleration of Charged Particles by a Radiation Beam
16. Thermomagnetic Waves in a Solid Body
17. Klnetlc Properties of a Plasma with a Large Radiation Pressure
18. Low-temperature Transport Properties of Metals with Paramagnetic Impurities
19. Nonlinear Theory of Thermomagnetic Waves
20. Periodic Structures of a Kinetic Nature in Conducting Media with a Stationary Flux
21. Periodic Structures of a Kinetic Nature in Conducting Media with Stationary Flux
22. Absorption of Ultrasound in Dielectric Crystals with High Impurity Concentrations
23. Cyclotron Resonance in a Stationary and Varying Light-electric Field
24. Graviktional Radiatioin in the ScaIar-tensor Gravitation Theory
25. Instability of an Acoustomagnetic Field in Semimetals at Low Temperatures and Acoustomagnetic Waves
26. Contribution to the Theory of Current Fluctuations in Semiconductors
27. Gradient Excitation of Periodic Structures and of Transverse Waves
28. Light-Electric Effect Near the Plasma Frequency
29. Theory of Radiation Emission from Crystals Traversed by a Current
30. Eddy Currents in the Thermomagnetic and Acoustomagnetic Effects
31. Excitation and Amplification of Galvanomagnetic and Galvanomagnetic-acoustic Waves
32. Magnetic Properties of Thin Metallic Films
33. Magneto-gravitational effect
34. Permittivity of a nondegenerate collisionless plasma and cyclotron waves in a quantizing magnetic field
35. Periodic structures due to the photoelectric effect
36. Influence of excitation dragging by phonons on the thermal conductivity of pure superconductors
37. Effect of spatial dispersion of carrier electric conductivity on the light- (radio-) electric effect in a strong magnetic field
38. Principle of symmetry of kinetic coefficients for systems with dragging
39. Thermoelectromagnetic waves in conductors in a strong magnetic field
40. Mutual excitation of acoustic and domain oscillations in a uniaxial ferromagnet, and domain-acoustic resonance
41. Spontaneous radio emission of metals in a magnetic field in the presence of a temperature gradient
42. Quasiacoustical and quasioptical oscillations of the domain structure of a uniaxial ferromagnet
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