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1. Quasilinear Theory of Instability of a Plasma with an Anisotropic Ion Velocity Distribution
2. Quasilinear Theory of Plasma Cyclotron Instability
3. Contribution to the Nonlinear Theory of Relaxation of a "Monoenergetic" Beam in a Plasma
4. Nonlinear waves in Uncompensated Electron Beams
5. Contribution to the Nonlinear Theory of Kinetic Instability of an Electron Beam in Plasma
6. Contribution to the Nonlinear Theory of Instability of an Electron Beam in a System with Electrodes
7. Nonlinear Theory of Interaction between a "Monochromatic" Beam of Relativistic Electrons and a Plasma
8. Stability of a Monochromatic Wave in a Plasma
9. Quasilinear Theory of Relaxation of an Electron Beam in a Magnetoactive Plasma
10. Appearance of Turbulence During the Interaction of a "Monoenergetic" Beam with a Plasma
11. Solitary charge density waves in a magnetoactive plasma
12. Langmuir turbulence and dissipation of high-frequency energy
13. Is renormalization necessary in the quasilinear theory of langmuir oscillations?
14. Relaxation of high-current electron beams and the modulational instability
15. The nonlinear theory of the current instability of short-wavelength drift oscillations
16. Critical problems in the theory of strong Langmuir turbulence; comparison of analytical and numerical models
17. MHD turbulence caused by a comet in the solar wind
18. Mechanism of triggered emission in the magnetospheric plasma
19. Erratum: Is renormalization necessary in quasilinear theory of Langmuir oscillations? [Sov. Phys. JETP 52, 1095 (1980)]
20. The nonlinear theory of the Buneman instability
21. Langmuir collapse under pumping and wave energy dissipation
22. Plasma turbulence and dissipation of a strong electromagnetic wave in the vicinity of the nc / 4 resonance
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