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Поиск публикаций автора "V.M. Kontorovich"
Найдено 34
1. Heat Capacity of Laminar Structures at Low Temperatures
2. Stability of Shock Waves in Relativistic Hydrodynamics
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1958 г., Том 7, Вып. 1, стр. 127
PDF (693.2K)

3. Interaction of Fields in the Overhauser Effect
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1958 г., Том 7, Вып. 3, стр. 537
PDF (267.5K)

4. Effect of the Rate of Flow of a He II Film on Its Thickness
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1956 г., Том 3, Вып. 5, стр. 770
PDF (211.7K)

5. On the Use of Two Auxiliary Fields to Obtain Emission States in Quantum Mechanical Amplifiers and Generators
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1958 г., Том 6, Вып. 4, стр. 820
PDF (202.7K)

6. Reflection and Refraction of Sound by a Shock Wave
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1958 г., Том 6, Вып. 6, стр. 1180
PDF (194.1K)

7. Concerning the Stability of Shock Waves
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1958 г., Том 6, Вып. 6, стр. 1179
PDF (198.1K)

8. Nonlinear Effects of the Interaction of Resonance Fields in the Molecular Generator and Amplifier
9. On the Interaction between Small Disturbances and Discontinuities in Magnetohydrodynamics and on the Stability of Shock Waves
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1959 г., Том 8, Вып. 5, стр. 851
PDF (1126.6K)

10. Elasticity Theory Equations and Dispersion of Sound in Metals
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1964 г., Том 18, Вып. 4, стр. 1125
PDF (1269.8K)

11. Transformation of Sound and Electromagnetic Waves at the Boundary of a Conductor in a Magnetic Field
12. Electromagnetic Field States with Well-defined Field Strengths
13. The Effect of Spatial Dispersion on the Propagation and Scattering of Waves Near the Critical Point
14. Electron Sound and the Soft Plasma Branch in Semiconductors
R.N. Gurzhi, V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1971 г., Том 33, Вып. 3, стр. 644
PDF (714K)

15. Dynamic Elastic Moduli and Dispersion and Absorption of Transverse Sound in a Strong Magnetic Field
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1972 г., Том 34, Вып. 3, стр. 630
PDF (1323.3K)

16. Magnetic Properties of a Spin Array with Two Sublattices
17. Electron Sound in Metals
18. Phase Transitions in Spin Systems at Zero Temperature
19. Spiral Structure in a One-dimensional Chain of Spins
20. Crystal Lattice Drag by Conduction Electrons and the Onsager Relation Between Electroacoustic Coefficients
V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1971 г., Том 32, Вып. 6, стр. 1146
PDF (1062.8K)

21. Symmetry properties of the collision integral and non-isotropic stationary solutions in weak turbulence theory
22. Exact power-law solutions of the particle kinetic equations
23. Lens effect due to the pressure of light on the surface of a transparent dielectric
A.V. Kats, V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1975 г., Том 41, Вып. 2, стр. 346
PDF (302.6K)

24. Anisotropic turbulent distributions for waves with a nondecay dispersion law
A.V. Kats, V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1974 г., Том 38, Вып. 1, стр. 102
PDF (293K)

25. Scaling relation for phase transitions in a one-dimensional x-y model
26. Power-law distributions occurring in a plasma turbulent reactor
A.V. Kats, V.M. Kontorovich
JETP, 1977 г., Том 46, Вып. 6, стр. 1130
PDF (351.3K)

27. Erratum: Narrow nonlinear nonresonances in a three-level system [Sov. Phys. JETP 51, 851- 855 (1980)]
28. Narrow nonlinear nonresonances in a three-level system
29. Stationary nonequilibrium ion distributions produced in interaction with an electron thermostat
30. Effect of local flattenings of the Fermi surface on the absorption and dispersion of sound
31. Galaxy mass and momentum distribution formed by merging, and the problem of nuclear activity
32. Formation of surface structure by thermal action of coherent radiation
33. Wind instability and helical perturbations of magnetized relativistic jets
34. Theory of propagation of sound and of the interaction between acoustic and electron waves in metals with complex Fermi surfaces
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