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Поиск публикаций автора "V.M. Eleonskii"
Найдено 33
1. Contribution to the Theory of Collective Motion of Particles in Quantum Mechanical Systems
2. Possibility of Constructing a Chain of Equations for Model Operators
V.M. Eleonskii
JETP, 1957 г., Том 5, Вып. 6, стр. 1296
PDF (141.6K)

3. Energy Spectrum of a Bose Gas
4. Linearization of the Hartree Equations
5. Use of the Hartree-Fock Equations for a System of Quasi-particles
6. The Effect of Collisions oh the Excitation Spectrum of a System of Electrons
7. Excitation Spectrum of a Particle System in an External Field
V.M. Eleonskii
JETP, 1961 г., Том 13, Вып. 4, стр. 804
PDF (382.1K)

8. Collision Integral for Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field
9. Nonlinear Theory of Penetration of p-polarized Waves into a Conductor
V.M. Eleonskii, V.P. Silin
JETP, 1971 г., Том 33, Вып. 5, стр. 1039
PDF (705K)

10. Theory of Waves that are Close to Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Electro-dynamics and Optics
V.M. Eleonskii, V.P. Silin
JETP, 1969 г., Том 29, Вып. 2, стр. 317
PDF (1329.7K)

11. Stability of Simple Stationary Waves Related to the Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
V.M. Eleonskii
JETP, 1968 г., Том 26, Вып. 2, стр. 382
PDF (434.4K)

12. Structure of Three-component Vector Fields in Self-focusing Waveguides
13. Cylindrical Nonlinear Waveguides
14. Theory of Self-trapping of an Electromagnetic Field in a Nonlinear Medium
V.M. Eleonskii, V.P. Silin
JETP, 1970 г., Том 31, Вып. 5, стр. 918
PDF (781.7K)

15. Theory of Waves Close to the Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Electrodynamics and Optics. II
V.M. Eleonskii, V.P. Silin
JETP, 1970 г., Том 30, Вып. 2, стр. 262
PDF (749.4K)

16. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in an inhomogeneous nonlinear medium
V.M. Eleonskii, V.P. Silin
JETP, 1974 г., Том 39, Вып. 1, стр. 67
PDF (180.5K)

17. Velocity of domain boundary motion
18. General type of solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz equations
19. Limiting velocities and types of magnetic moment waves
20. Exact solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz equations for weak ferromagnets
21. Accidental degeneracy of self-localized solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz equations
22. Self-localized states of the magnetic moment in a rotating magnetic field
V.M. Eleonskii, N.N. Kirova
JETP, 1978 г., Том 48, Вып. 2, стр. 331
PDF (183.7K)

23. Nonlinear generalization of Fock's approach to analyzing quantum systems with a point spectrum
V.M. Eleonskii, V.G. Korolev
JETP, 1996 г., Том 83, Вып. 6, стр. 1084
PDF (574K)

24. A new conservation law for the Landau-Lifshitz equations
25. Motion of domain walls in an external magnetic field
26. Equidistant spectra of anharmonic oscillators
27. Effect of spatial dispersion on self-localized states of a field
28. Change in domain-wall energy in a simple model of a structural transition
29. New examples of topological solitons in magnetically disordered media
30. Generation of periodic trains of picoseconld pulses in an optical fiber: exact solutions
31. Exactly solvable models for two-sublattice magnets
32. Integrable models in the problem for particle motion in a two-dimensional potential well
33. New cases of integrability of the Landau-Lifshitz equations
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