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1. Use of Slow Molecules in a Maser
2. Quantum-Mechanical Semiconductor Generators and Amplifiers of Electromagnetic Oscillations
3. Semiconductor Amplifiers and Generators with Carriers Having Negative Effective Mass
4. Possible Methods of Obtaining Active Molecules for a Molecular Oscillator
5. Improvement of the Quality of a Cavity Resonator by Means of Regeneration
6. Theory of the Molecular Generator and Molecular Power Amplifier
7. Conditions for Heating up of a Plasma by the Radiation from an Optical Generator
8. Optical Excitation of Semiconductors
9. Maser with Two Resonators in Series
10. Possibility of Using Indirect Transitions to Obtain Negative Temperatures in Semiconductors
11. Attainment of Negative Temperatures by Heating and Cooling of a System
12. Recombination Radiation of GaAs and Ge on Excitation with Fast Electrons
13. Use of Indirect Transitions in Semiconductors for the Determination of States with Negative Absorption Coefficients
14. Recombination Radiation from Indium Antimonide in Avalanche Breakdown
15. Production of Negative-Temperature States in p-n Junctions of Degenerate Semiconductors
16. Power Increase in a Pulsed Ruby Laser by Means of Modulation of Resonator Q
17. Negative Conductivity in Induced Transitions
18. Heating of Matter by Focused Laser Radiation
19. A Q-switched Neodymium Glass Laser
20. A Q-switched Optical Maser
21. Cadmium Sulfide Laser Excited by Fast Electrons
22. Vol. 15, no. 6, 1063-1064
23. Nonlinear Amplification of Light Pulses
24. Semiconductor Quantum Generator with Two-photon Optical Excitation
25. Nonlinear Mode Interaction in Lasers
26. A Laser with Nonresonant Feedback
27. Heating and Decay of Plasma Produced by a Giant Laser Pulse Focused on a Solid Target
28. Giant Pulse Structure in a Laser with Instantaneous Q-Switching
29. Investigation of Power Resonances of a Ring Laser with a Nonlinearly Absorbing Cell
30. Nonlinear Losses in Generators and Amplifiers of Ultrashort Light Pulses
31. Gas Dynamics of Laser Plasma in the Course of Heating
32. Formation of an Ultrashort Light Pulse Propagating in a Two-component Medium
33. Semiconductor Laser with External Resonator
34. A Powerful Laser Setup and Investigation of the Efficiency of High Temperature Heating of a Plasma
35. Emission Spectrum of an He-Xe Laser with Nonresonant Feedback
36. Production of Powerful Ultrashort Light Pulses in a Neodymium Glass Laser
37. Ring Laser with a Nonlinear Absorbing Cell
38. Investigation of Narrow Resonances within the Doppler Line of the Rotational-vibrational Transitions of the SF6 Molecule During Absorption Saturation
39. Generation and Amplification of High-intensity Light Pulses in Neodymium Glass
40. High Temperature Effects on Intense Laser Emission Focused on a Solid Target
41. Electric ionization laser
42. Stimulation of chemical reactions by laser radiation
43. Spectroscopy within the radiative linewidth
44. Compression of hollow microspheres by laser radiation
45. Solid state streamer lasers
46. Optical Breakdown of Compressed Gases by CO2 Laser Radiation
47. Anomalous interaction of strong laser radiation with dense plasma
48. Kinetics of nonequilibrium chemical reactions and separation of isotopes
49. Nonequilibrium vibrational kinetics of molecules in the presence of the field of resonant laser emission
50. Direct observation of the picosecond structure of radiation pulses from a mode-locked neodymium laser
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