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1. On the Theory of Relaxation Processes in Ferrodielectrics with Weak Magnetic Anisotropy at Low Temperatures
2. On the Theory of Relaxation Processes in Ferrodielectrics at Low Temperatures
3. On the Theory of Magnetic-Moment Relaxation in Ferrodielectric Substances
4. The Scattering of Slow Neutrons in Ferrites and Antiferromagnetics
5. Theory of Relaxation of the Magnetic Moment in Ferromagnetic Materials
6. The Scattering of Spin Waves and Phonons by Impurities in Ferromagnetic Dielectrics
7. On the Theory of Low-Temperature, High-Frequency Magnetic Susceptibility of a Ferrodielectric
8. Effect of Radiation Processes on Transport Phenomena in a Plasma in a Strong Magnetic Field
9. Effect of Radiation on Electron Relaxation and Plasma Electrical Conductivity in a Strong Magnetic Field
10. The Theory of Transfer Phenomena in Metals in Strong Magnetic Fields
11. Theory of Thermomagnetic Phenomena in Metals in a Strong Magnetic Field
12. Anomalies in the Superconducting Transition Temperature under Pressure
13. Coupled Magneto-elastic Waves in Antiferromagnetics with a Magnetic Structure of the MnCO3 Type
14. Coherent Amplification of Spin Waves by a Beam of Charged Particles
15. Interaction of Plasma and Spin Waves in Ferromagnetic Semiconductors and Metals
16. Inhomogeneous Resonance in Antiferromagnets
17. Coupled Magnetoelastic Waves in Antiferromagnets in Strong Magnetic Fields
18. Concerning the Problem of the Effect of Pressure on the Temperature of the Superconducting Transition
19. Effect of Impurities on the Superconducting Transition Temperature
20. Interaction Between Electromagnetic, Plasma, and Spin Waves in Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors and Metals
21. Relaxation and Thermal Conductivity in Magnetic Materials with Dislocations
22. The Effect of Changes in the Topology of the Fermi Surface on Superconducting Properties
23. Theory of the Intermediate State of Antiferromagnets
24. Low Frequency Antiferromagnetic Resonance in Copper Chloride Dihydrate and Phase Transitions
25. Impurity Spin- wave States in Noncollinear Antiferromagnets
26. Singularities in the State Density of Quasiparticles in a Crystal
27. Domain Structure Produced in an Antiferromagnet when the Character of the Magnetic Anisotropy is Altered
28. Effect of Dislocations on the Line Width of Uniform Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Resonances
29. Sound absorption in an antiferromagnet in the vicinity of a spin-flop field
30. The effect of impurities on the change of the mechanical properties of metals in a superconducting transition
31. Effect of scattering processes on the anomalies in the thermodynamic characteristics of superconductors under pressure
32. Damping of spin waves in antiferromagnetic substances with magnetic anisotropy of the "easy plane" type
33. Contribution to the theory of high-frequency properties of ferromagnets
34. Experimental and theoretical investigation of spin-reorientation phase transitions in cubic ferromagnets and ferrimagnets in a magnetic field
35. Phase diagram of a uniaxial antiferromagnet
36. Phonon retardation of a domain wall in a rare-earth orthoferrite
37. Phase diagram of a ferromagnetic plate in an external magnetic field
38. Nonlinear waves and the dynamics of domain walls in weak ferromagnets
39. Theory of dislocation retardation in antiferromagnets
40. Symmetry and magnetic-resonance frequencies in magnetically ordered crystals
41. Dynamic damping of dislocations in ferromagnets
42. Effect of ferromagnetic critical fluctuations on the phase transition to a spin-glass state
43. Line width of magnetic resonance exchange modes in a four-sublattice orthorhombic antiferromagnet
44. Thermal expansion mechanism of liquid metals
45. Theoretical investigation of the Fermi surfaces of La2-xSrxCuO4 and YBa2Cu3O7
46. Crystal symmetry and the structure of the relaxation terms in the antiferromagnet dynamic equations of motion
47. Theory of dynamical-soliton relaxation in ferromagnets
48. Magnetic symmetry of domain walls with Bloch lines in ferromagnets and ferrites
49. Critical dynamics at ferroelastic phase transitions in an external field
50. Magnetoelastic effects in noncollinear antiferromagnets
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