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1. Investigation of Power Resonances of a Ring Laser with a Nonlinearly Absorbing Cell
2. Self-consistent Regime of Heating of Matter by a Laser Pulse Under Conditions of Nonequilibrium Ionization
3. Cascade Ionization of a Gas by a Powerful Ultrashort Pulse of Light
4. Coherence Effects in the Propagation of an Ultrashort Light Pulse in a Medium with Two-photon Resonance Absorption
5. Coherent Effects in Pulsed Laser Emission
6. Ring Laser with a Nonlinear Absorbing Cell
7. Cascade Ionization of a Gas during Optical Breakdown in a Wide Range of Radiation Fluxes
8. Electric ionization laser
9. Stimulation of chemical reactions by laser radiation
10. Spectroscopy within the radiative linewidth
11. Breakdown of gases through laser radiation with high-energy quanta
12. Ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy based on wave competition in a ring laser
13. Kinetic Processes in a Laser Plasma
14. Optical Breakdown of Compressed Gases by CO2 Laser Radiation
15. Kinetics of nonequilibrium chemical reactions and separation of isotopes
16. Investigation of the subharmonic structure on the current-voltage characteristic of a superconducting point contact
17. Coherent interaction between phase-modulated light pulses and an active medium of two-level particles with inhomogeneous broadening
18. Dynamics of the propagation and interaction of electromagnetic pulses in two-level media
19. Propagation dynamics of high-power femtosecond pulses in Raman-active media
20. X-ray free-electron laser in the quantum regime
21. Coherent effects in generation of ultrashort light pulses in a semiconductor injection laser
22. Investigation of metal-barrier-metal-barrier-metal structures
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