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1. Oscillations of an Inhomogeneous Plasma in a Magnetic Field
2. On the Instability of a Plasma with an Anisotropic Distribution of Velocities in a Magnetic Field
3. "Universal" Instability of an Inhomogeneous Plasma in a Magnetic Field
4. On the Bohm Diffusion Coefficient
5. Asymptotic Solution of the Problem of the Anomalous Resistance of a Collisionless Plasma
6. Transport Phenomena in a Collisionless Plasma in a ToroidaI Magnetic System
7. Limits of Statistical Description of a Nonlinear Wave Field
8. Quasi-gasdynamical Description of a Hot Electron Cloud in a Cold Plasma
9. Destruction of a Large-amplitude Ion-acoustic Wave
10. Model of a Shock Wave in Solar Wind Plasma
11. Nonlinear penetration of a plasma by an electromagnetic wave and nondecay mechanisms of its energy dissipation
12. Interaction between an intense electromagnetic wave and a plasma
13. Langmuir turbulence and dissipation of high-frequency energy
14. Is renormalization necessary in the quasilinear theory of langmuir oscillations?
15. Relaxation of high-current electron beams and the modulational instability
16. Langmuir turbulence of a relativistic plasma in a strong magnetic field
17. Spontaneous onset of poloidal rotation of tokamak plasma in banana regime
18. Multidimensional Hamiltonian chaos
19. Kinetics of three-dimensional Langmuir collapse
20. Chaos and two-dimensional random walk in periodic and quasiperiodic fields
21. Critical problems in the theory of strong Langmuir turbulence; comparison of analytical and numerical models
22. Numerical simulation of two-dimensional Langmuir collapse
23. Stochastic nature of streamlines in steady-state flows
24. Attractors and stochastic attractors of motion in a magnetic field
25. Stochastic acceleration of relativistic particles in a magnetic field
26. MHD turbulence caused by a comet in the solar wind
27. Stochastic web and diffusion of particles in a magnetic field
28. Numerical simulation of shock waves near comets: structural features and energy dissipation mechanisms
29. Mechanism of triggered emission in the magnetospheric plasma
30. Expansion of a relativistic proton cloud in a magnetized plasma
31. Erratum: Is renormalization necessary in quasilinear theory of Langmuir oscillations? [Sov. Phys. JETP 52, 1095 (1980)]
32. The nonlinear theory of the Buneman instability
33. Energy transfer and turbulence spectrum when the gradient instability is excited in the ionospheric plasma
34. Theory of the origin of large-scale structures in hydrodynamic turbulence
35. Electron acceleration in the front of a strong collisionless shock wave
36. Langmuir collapse under pumping and wave energy dissipation
37. On the freezing-in integrals and Lagrange invariants in hydrodynamic models
38. Plasma turbulence and dissipation of a strong electromagnetic wave in the vicinity of the nc / 4 resonance
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