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1. Absorption of a High Frequency Field in Pure Superconducting Films
2. The Specific Heat of Thin Superconducting Films in a Magnetic Field
3. Ising Model with Interaction Between Nonnearest Neighbors
4. Tunnel Effect Between Superconductors in an Alternating Field
5. Boundary Conditions of the Josephson Effect
6. Density of States in Inhomogeneous Superconductors
7. Critical Current of Thin Films for Diffuse Reflection from the Walls
8. Radiation Line Width in the Josephson Effect
9. Josephson Effect in Superconductors Separated by a Normal Metal
10. Quasiclassical Method in the Theory of Superconductivity
11. The Influence of a Strong Magnetic Field on Small Size Superconductors when Diffuse Reflection Takes Place at the Walls
12. The Density of States for Excitations in Thin Superconducting Films in a Magnetic Field
13. Properties of Thin Superconducting Films in High-frequency Fields
14. Resistance of superconductors near the critical field strength Hc2
15. Fluctuation shift of the transition temperature of thin superconducting films
16. Conductivity of type-ll superconductors near the critical field Hc2 for arbitrary mean free paths
17. Nonlinear conductivity of superconductors in the mixed state
18. Conductivity of type-ll superconductors near the transition temperature
19. Electrodynamics of inhomogeneous type-ll superconductor
20. Nonlinear effects during the motion of vortices in superconductors
21. Electromagnetic field absorption in superconducting films
22. Metastable states and single-particle pinning in type-II superconductors near the critical field Hc2
23. Vortex formation in small superconducting samples
24. Longitudinal oscillations in superconducting alloys
25. Boundary conditions and critical current of SNS junctions
26. Volt-ampere characteristic of a tunneling junction with a thin layer of a normal metal on a dielectric barrier
27. Current-voltage characteristic of an inhomogeneous tunnelingjunction in the above-threshold region eV > Δ1 + Δ2
28. lntraband tunneling Umklapp of quasimomentum
29. Dynamics of Bloch oscillations in Josephson junctions
30. Ground state of a particle in a two-well potential
Yu. N. Ovchinnikov
JETP, 1988, Vol. 67, No. 9, p. 1931
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31. Dynamics of a particle in a two-well potential
32. Decay of metastable states in a situation with close-lying tunneling trajectories
33. Effect of level quantization on the lifetime of metastable states
34. Current-voltage characteristic of superconductors with large-size defects
35. Quantum-mechanical tunneling sith dissipation. The pre-exponential factor
36. Current damping in superconducting junctions with nonequilibrium electron distribution functions
37. Damping of a superconducting current in tunnel junctions
38. Formation of metastable states at small-size defects and pinning in type-II superconductors
39. Alteration of a vortex lattice at a defect and pinning in type-ll superconductors
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