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1. Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Plasma Oscillations in a Plane Plasma Layer
2. Emission of Electromagnetic Waves from a Plasma Layer at Twice the Plasma Frequency
3. Quasilinear Relaxations Dynamics of a Collisionless Plasma
4. Broadening of a High Amplitude Monochromatic Cyclotron Wave in a Plasma
5. Effect of a High-frequency Magnetic Field on Plasma Instability
6. Interaction between a Large-Amplitude Direct Magnetosonic Wave of Frequency \Omega<\sqrt{{\omega}_{He}{\omega}_{Hi}} and a Plasma
7. Spatial Anisotropy of the Long Wavelength Branch of Ion Sound in a Current-Carrying Turbulent Plasma
8. Stabilization of Drift Instabilities by a Magnetosonic Wave
9. Diffusion of a Collisionless Potassium Plasma Across a Magnetic Field in the Presence of a Drift Instability
10. Dynamics of Quasilinear Relaxation in an Unstable Inhomogeneous Plasma
11. Effect of a Helicon on Plasma Instabilities
12. Low-frequency Instabjlity of Electron-cyclotron Waves in a Plasma
13. Effect of a High-frequency Magnetic Field on Plasma Instability
14. Thermal ionization wave in a current-carrying system
15. Interaction between a high frequency magnetic field and potential plasma oscillations in a Q-device
16. Nonlinear Theory of the Interaction Between a Monoenergetic Beam and a Dense Plasma
17. Collective Relaxation of Nonequilibrium Photoelectrons in Quantized Magnetic Fields
18. Interaction between a plasma jet and a chemically active ionized gas target
19. Three-dimensional quasi-linear relaxation
20. Nonlinear interaction of space-charge waves with trapped electrons
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