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1. On the Theory of the Pulsations in the Output of the Ruby Laser
2. Excitation of Modes and Oscillation Kinetics in a Ruby Laser with a Concentric Resonator
3. Beats Between the Modes of a Ruby Laser
4. Investigation of the Air "Spark" Produced by Focused Laser Radiation. III
5. Dynamics of the Radiation Field, Spectrum, and Coherence in a Giant Ruby-laser Pulse
6. Self-locking of Axial Emission Modes of a Ruby Laser in the Free Generation Regime
7. Measurement of nonlinear polarizability of air
8. On possible applications of the self-channeling in matter of high-power ultrashort laser pulses
9. Vibrational-rotational optical polarization of molecular gases in a constant electric field
10. Relativistic-ponderomotive self-channeling of intense ultrashort laser pulses in a medium
11. Emission spectrum from the elastic scattering by ions of electrons, oscillating in a superradiant laser field: stochastic harmonic generation
12. Vibrational-orientational polarization of molecular gases in a two-frequency optikal field
13. High-frequency susceptibility of a gas of anisotropically polarizable dipole molecules
14. Heating of free electrons by photorecombination in a plasma
15. An exact solution of the nonlinear integro-differential equation for propagation of wave beams in nonlinear media
16. Investigation of scattering processes in a laser plasma
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