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1. The Transformation K^{0}_2 \rightarrow K^{0}_1 by Electrons
2. Parity Nonconservation in the First Order in the Weak-Interaction Constant in Electron Scattering and Other Effects
3. On μ+ μ- Annihilation and the Decay of Neutral Mesons
4. Conditions for the Applicability of Statistical Formulas to a Degenerate Fermi Gas
5. The Number of Elementary Baryons and the Universal Baryon Repulsion Hypothesis
6. Quasistable States with Large Isotopic Spin in Light Nuclei
7. Scattering by a Singular Potential in Perturbation Theory and in the Momentum Representation
8. The Existence of New Isotopes of Light Nuclei and the Equation of State of Neutrons
9. The Energy of Accidental Motions in the Expanding Universe
10. Dipole Moment of Unstable Elementary Particles
11. On the Theory of Unstable States
12. Nonmetallic Nickel at High Compressions
13. Symmetric Composite Model of Strongly Interacting Elementary Particles
14. The Maximum Charge for Given Mass of a Bound State
15. Unstable Particle in the Lee model
16. On the Theory of Fermion Masses
17. Star Production in an Expanding Universe
18. Prestellar State of Matter
19. The Collapse of a Small Mass in the General Theory of Relativity
20. The Equation of State at Ultrahigh Densities and Its Relativistic Limitations
21. Correlation of Electron and Positron Polarizations in Relativistic Pairs
22. On an Upper Limit on the Density of Neutrinos, Gravitons, and Baryons in the Universe
23. Magnetic Model of the Universe
24. Gravitational Collapse of Nonsymmetric and Rotating Masses
25. The Quasienergy of a Quantum-mechanical System Subjected to a Periodic Action
26. Perturbations in an Anisotropic Homogeneous Universe
27. Scattering of a Strong Wave by an Elecron in a Magnetic Field
28. Particle Production and Vacuum Polarization in an Anisotropic Gravitational Field
29. The Phase Equilibrium and Dynamics of a Gas Volume That is Heated and Cooled
30. An Analysis of the Motion of an Ionization Front by Taking into Account Outflow of the Ionized Gas
31. Equation of State of Neutral Matter and Fluctuations
32. EMF Produced by a Shock Wave Moving in a Dielectric
33. Weakly Interacting Particles in the Anisotropic Cosmological Model
34. Nonequilibrium Radiation from Shock Compressed Ionic Crystals at T > 1 e V. II
35. Recombination of Hydrogen in the Hot Model of the Universe
36. Bose Condensation and Shock Waves in Photon Spectra
37. Shock Wave Structure in the Radiation Spectrum During Bose Condensation of Photons
38. Stimulated Compton Interaction Between Maxwellian Electrons and Spectrally Narrow Radiation
39. The Effect of Energy Release on the Emission Spectrum in a Hot Universe
40. Amplification of Cylindrical Electromagnetic Waves Reflected from a Rotating Body
41. Experiments in Search of Fractional Charges
42. Positron Production during the Mutual Approach of Heavy Nuclei and the Polarization of the Vacuum
43. An Upper Bound on the Number of Quarks Contained in Some Solids
44. A hypothesis relating the entropy to the inhomogeneity of the universe
45. Quantum effects in white holes
46. Gas diffusion: Its dependence on nuclear spin
47. Cosmological consequences of a spontaneous breakdown of a discrete symmetry
48. Pseudoscalar liquid crystals
49. Stability of the isotropy of a random electromagnetic-wave field during stimulated scattering
50. Electromagnetic detectors of gravitational waves
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