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1. Scattering of 590 Mev Neutrons by Protons in the Small Angle Region
2. Observation of the \pi \rightarrow e^{-} + e^{+} + e^{-} + e^{+} Decay
3. On Possible Sets of Experiments for Simultaneous Analysis of Data on Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering and Polarization in p-n collisions at 635 Mev
4. Production of Neutral Pions by Neutrons on Deuterons and Complex Nuclei
5. Beta Decay of the Negative Muon
6. An Investigation of the Elastic Scattering of 590 MEV Neutrons by Neutrons
7. Formation of Neutral π-Mesons in (n - p) Collisions at Effective Neutron Energies of 590 mev
8. Total Cross Sections of Nuclei of Certain Elements for Neutrons with Energies of 590 mev
9. The n + p \rightarrow {\pi}^{0} + d Reaction for Neutrons of 600 Mev Effective Energy and the Charge-Independence Hypothesis
10. Electron-Positron Pairs from the Decay {\pi}^0 \rightarrow e^{-} + e^{+} + \gamma
11. Catalysis of the d + d \to {\rm He}^{3} + n Fusion Reaction by Negative Muons
12. Angular Dependence of the Polarization Correlation Cnn and Construction of the Amplitude Moduli for pp Scattering at 640 MeV. Estimate of the Singlet Phase Shifts. II
13. Experimental Investigation of μ- Mesic Atom Processes in Gaseous Hydrogen
14. Correlation Between the Normal Polarization Components in the pp-Scattering at 650 Mev. I
15. Elastic Scattering of dμ Mesic Atoms on Protons, Deuterons, and Complex Nuclei
16. Catalysis by Negative Muons of the Nuclear Reactions d\mu + p {\rightarrow} {\rm He}^{3} + {\mu}^{-} and d{\mu} + d {\rightarrow} t + p + {\mu}^{-} and Formation of the Molecules pdμ and ddμ in Gaseous Hydrogen
17. Production of Charged π Mesons in Collisions of Neutrons with Protons at \sim600 MeV
18. Scattering of pμ Atoms by Protons
19. A Monoenergetic Cyclotron
20. Study of the fusion reaction d\mu + d {\rightarrow} He^{3} + n + \mu in gaseous deuterium
21. Measurement of the muon capture rate in gaseous hydrogen
22. Spin states of dμ atoms in gaseous hydrogen and measurement of the fusion rate in pdμ molecule
23. Direct measurement of the rates of formation of the molecules ppμ and pdμ in gaseous hydrogen
24. Resonance in the rate of production of ddμ mesic molecules in gaseous deuterium
25. Measurement of the temperature dependence of the rate at which muonic molecules of deuterium are formed for various spin states of the dμ atoms at high deuterium density
26. Formation rate of pμd muon molecules as a function of hydrogen temperature
27. Muon transfer from dμ atoms to 4He nuclei in a deuterium-helium mixture at 1350 atmospheres
28. Experimental investigation of muon catalysis of the fusion of deuterium and tritium nuclei
29. Measurement of the residual polarization of negative muons in gaseous hydrogen
30. Measurement of the cross section for scattering of pμ atoms in gaseous hydrogen
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