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Found 33 record(s)
1. Drift Instability in a Dense Plasma
2. Transverse Drift Oscillations in an Inhomogeneous Plasma
3. Theory of Cyclotron Instability in a Non-uniform Plasma
4. The Stability of a Spatially Inhomogeneous Plasma in a Magnetic Field
5. Diamagnetic Plasma Instability for Large Ion Larmor Radius
6. Current-convective Instability of Collisionless Plasma
7. Surface Waves in a Plasma with a Current
8. Quasilinear Transformation of Waves in an Inhomogeneous Plasma
9. Drift Waves in a Finite-pressure Plasma
10. Beam Instability in Gravitating Media
11. "Most Dangerous" Instabilities of a Collision-dominated Plasma in a Magnetic Field
12. Macroscopic Description of a Collision Plasma in a Strong Magnetic Field in Stability Problems
13. Instability of Plasma at Finite and High Pressure with Finite Electronic Thermal Conductivity
14. Methods of Plasma Theory and Problems of Gravitational Stability
15. Instability of Entropy Waves Due to the Gyrorelaxation Effects in a Plasma of Finite Pressure
16. Contribution to the theory of local hydromagnetic stability of toroidal plasma configurations
17. Self-stabilization of high-pressure plasma in toroidal traps
18. Effect of trapped electrons on Alfven waves in a tokamak
19. Thermonuclear "drift" instabilities
20. Nonlinear interaction of a monochromatic wave with particles in a gravitating system
21. Effect of a particle source on the non-linear evolution of a monochromatic wave
22. Effect of trapped electrons on odd "drift" modes in a tokamak
23. Langmuir turbulence of a relativistic plasma in a strong magnetic field
24. Longitudinal waves and two-stream instability in a relativistic plasma
25. Contribution to the theory of weakly turbulent Kolmogorov spectra of a homogeneous magnetized plasma
26. Alfven vortices in a plasma with finite ion temperature
27. Erratum: Stability of nonlinear periodic waves in weakly dispersive media [Sov. Phys. JETP 62, 928 (1985)]
28. The structure of the nonlinear equations of a magnetized plasma and the problem of the stability of magnetosonic solitons
29. Role of vector nonlinearity in soliton stability in a magnetized plasma
30. Theory of low-frequency magnetosonic solitons
31. The role of plasma compressibility in the gradient soliton problem
32. An anisotropic mechanism for the generation of a magnetic field in a collisional plasma in a high-frequency field
33. Nonlinear magnetic field generation in a collisionless plasma
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