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1. Remarks Regarding Heisenberg's Paper on the Lee Model
L.A. Maksimov
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 1, p. 97
PDF (400.8K)

2. On the Scattering Matrix in an Indefinite Metric
L.A. Maksimov
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 324
PDF (662K)

3. The Elastic Scattering of Protons by Tritium
L.A. Maksimov
JETP, 1956, Vol. 3, No. 4, p. 642
PDF (239.2K)

4. The Metal-Dielectric Divalent Crystal Phase Transition
5. Possibility of "Superthermal Conductivity" in Semiconductors
6. Zero Sound Oscillations in a System of Interacting Bose and Fermi Particles
7. Collective Excitations in Semimetals
8. Kinetic Theory of Gases Taking into Account Rotational Degrees of Freedom in an External Field
9. Effect of Electric Field on the Transport Coefficients of Polar Gases
10. Kinetic Theory of Gases with Rotational Degrees of Freedom
11. Theory of the Senftleben Effect in Oxygen
L.A. Maksimov
JETP, 1972, Vol. 34, No. 2, p. 322
PDF (624.9K)

12. Kinetic Theory of Propagation of Ultrasound in Molecular Gases in an External Stationary Field
13. Transport Phenomena in Diatomic Gases at Low Temperatures and in a Magnetic Field
14. Possible Resonance Phenomena in the Kinetics of Molecular Gases
15. Effect of a Varying Field on Transport Phenomena in Polyatomic Gases
16. Effect of Electron Correlation in Metals on Their Hybridization and Magnetic Properties
17. Kinetics of Formation of Pores from a Supersaturated Solution of Vacancies
18. Complete System of Hydrodynamic Equations for Gases with Rotational Degrees of Freedom
19. Kinetic phenomena in a Knudsen gas with rotational degrees of freedom
20. Gas diffusion: Its dependence on nuclear spin
21. Quasiclassical kinetic equation for gases with rotational degrees of freedom
22. Influence of f-levels on the critical temperature of transition metals
23. Theory of particle transfer in extremely narrow bands
24. Electric resistance of metals with unfilled f shells
25. Theory of tunnel relaxation in a photon field
26. Kinetic equation for vacancion pores. Pore lattice as a dissipative structure stable under irradiation conditions
27. Atomic crystalline phase of hydrogen
28. On the origin of the saddle in the spectrum of holes in a CuO plane
29. Properties of rotational transitions during collisions between molecules
30. Quantum kinetics of phase transitions at low temperatures
31. Charge fluctuations in a Coulomb gap
32. Quantum kinetics of the formation of a one-dimensional nucleating center
L.A. Maksimov
JETP, 1995, Vol. 81, No. 4, p. 806
PDF (205K)

33. Irreversible phonon-free energy transport in disordered Coulomb systems
34. Magnetic properties of clean surfaces of transition metals
35. Variations of the electron spectrum in the neighborhood of Van Hove points, carrier localization, and structural instability in interaction with a long-wave perlodic perturbation in low-dimensional systems
36. Theory of the teapot-boiling kinetics of a pure fluid in a gravitational field
37. Nonlinear electrical conductivity of a pure metal at low temperature
38. Elementary hole excitations in CuO2 planes
39. Low-temperature conductivity of highly disordered Coulomb systems
40. Thermal conductivity and interference effects in the dynamics of crystals with heavy impurities
41. Model of the magnetic phase transition in a monolayer of molecules chemisorbed on the surface of a nonmagnetic metal
42. Localization in a system of interacting particles diffusing in a regular crystal
43. Quantum diffusion in irregular crystals
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