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1. Peripheral Interactions between Elementary Particles
2. The Ke3 and Kμ3 Decays
3. Simultaneous Creation of Λ and θ Particles
4. On the Theory of Scattering of Particles by Nuclei
5. The μ-Decay of K-Particles and Hyperons
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 2, p. 334
PDF (233.8K)

6. The Problem of Parity Non-conservation in Weak Interactions
7. Remark on the Decay of the Cascade Hyperon
8. The Singular Points of Some Feynman Diagrams
9. On the Polarization of the Electrons Emitted in the Decay of Mu Mesons
10. On the Interaction of Ξ--Hyperons with Nucleons and Light Nuclel
11. Lifetime of the K20 Meson
12. On the Determination of the Parity of the K Meson
13. Some Remarks on a Compound Model of Elementary Particles
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 2, p. 322
PDF (841.2K)

14. Capture of K--Mesons by Deuterium and Hyperon-Nucleon Interaction
15. K-Meson Charge Exchange in Hydrogen and Deuterium
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1956, Vol. 3, No. 1, p. 142
PDF (241.6K)

16. Isotopic Invariance and "Strange" Particles
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1956, Vol. 3, No. 6, p. 994
PDF (212.6K)

17. The Spin of the Λ-Particle
18. The Conservation of Isotopic Spin and the Cross Section of the Interaction of High-Energy π-Mesons and Nucleons with Nucleons
19. On the Probabilities of Σ-particle Decay
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1957, Vol. 4, No. 2, p. 284
PDF (338.7K)

20. Decay Probabilities of the Σ-Hyperon with Parity Nonconservation
21. On Ke3 Decay
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 2, p. 409
PDF (185.2K)

22. On the Λ-Hyperon Creation Cross Section near the Σ-Hyperon Creation Threshold
A.N. Baz', L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1959, Vol. 8, No. 3, p. 526
PDF (423.1K)

23. Absence of {\eta} \longrightarrow 2\pi Decays and Conservation of Spatial and Combined Parities
24. Properties of the Axial Vector Interaction and the Decay \Sigma \longrightarrow \Lambda + e + 
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1961, Vol. 12, No. 1, p. 154
PDF (272.2K)

25. Signs of Constants of Strong Interactions
26. Which is Heavier, the K01 Meson or the K02 Meson?
27. On the Decays K+ → π+ + e+ + e- and K+ → π+ + μ+ + μ-
L.B. Okun', A.P. Rudik
JETP, 1961, Vol. 12, No. 3, p. 422
PDF (370K)

28. The Decay {\Sigma}^0 \longrightarrow {\Lambda}^0 + 2\gamma and the Magnetic Moment of the Σ0 Hyperon
29. Location of the Nearest Singularities of the ππ-scattering Amplitude
30. Gravitational Interaction of Fermions
31. Possible Decays of New Mesons
32. Unitary Symmetry and the Universal Weak Interaction
33. What is Heavier, "Muonium One" or "Muonium Two"?
34. A Model for Anomalous Muon Interaction
35. On the Question of the Existence of Heavy Neutral Pseudoscalar Mesons
36. Covariant Derivation of the Weizsäcker-Williams Formula
37. On the Theory of the Vecton
38. Electromagnetic Interaction of a Neutral Vector Meson
39. Weak Interactions in Colliding Beams of Electrons
40. On the Possible Types of Elementary Particles
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1965, Vol. 20, No. 5, p. 1197
PDF (480.9K)

41. Weak u-Meson Decays
42. Cosmological consequences of a spontaneous breakdown of a discrete symmetry
43. Photoproduction of ψ mesons
44. On searches for new long-range forces
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1980, Vol. 52, No. 3, p. 351
PDF (179.8K)

45. Parametrization of electro-weak radiative corrections
46. Erratum: Neutrino electrodynamics and possible consequences for solar neutrinos [Sov. Phys. JETP 63, 446 (1986)]
47. Neutrino electrodynamics and possible consequences for solar neutrinos
48. Limits on electrodynamics: paraphotons?
L.B. Okun'
JETP, 1982, Vol. 56, No. 3, p. 502
PDF (159.5K)

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