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1. On the Distribution Function for Dissipative Processes in a Rarefied Relativistic Gas
S.S. Moiseev
JETP, 1960, Vol. 10, No. 2, p. 391
PDF (272.4K)

2. On the Bohm Diffusion Coefficient
3. Some Peculiarities in the Behavior of a Relativistic Plasma with an Anisotropic Distribution of Electron Velocities
4. Second Harmonic Generation by an Electromagnetic Wave Incident on Inhomogeneous Plasma
5. Exact power-law solutions of the particle kinetic equations
6. Spectra and excitation methods of turbulence in a compressible fluid
7. Nonequilibrium stationary distributions of particles in a solid body plasma
8. Quasicrossing of levels and transformation of waves with diffuse states and dissipative factors
9. Source-field distribution and energy absorption in inhomogeneous magnetoactive plasma
10. Some properties of transition radiation in weakly inhomogeneous and nonstationary plasma
11. Absolute instability of focused waves in a plasma
12. Wave transformation in an inhomogeneous unstable plasma
13. Distinguishing features of generation of the second harmonic of an electromagnetic wave in a magnetoactive plasma
14. Helical scaling in turbulence
15. Wave-turbulence mechanism for the relaxation of nonequilibrium in shear flows
16. Self-similar regimes of ultrarelativistic acceleration of particles trapped by an electrostatic wave in an inhomogeneous isotropic plasma
17. δ-expansion of the fluctuation spectrum of a nonlinear system subjected to the action of noise
18. Vortex dynamo in a convective medium with helical turbulence
19. Dynamics and radiation emission by particles trapped by an electrostatic wave in a transverse magnetic field
20. Secondary emission from thin Al, Cu, and Be films induced by a 1-MeV proton beam
21. Energy transfer and turbulence spectrum when the gradient instability is excited in the ionospheric plasma
22. Universal non-equilibrium photon distributions and their formation dynamics
23. Theory of the origin of large-scale structures in hydrodynamic turbulence
24. On the freezing-in integrals and Lagrange invariants in hydrodynamic models
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