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1. Three-velocity hydrodynamics of superfluid solutions
2. Theory of degenerate 3He-He II solutions
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1977, Vol. 46, No. 5, p. 972
PDF (453.4K)

3. He3-He4 solutions and other low-density Fermi liquids in a magnetic field
4. Acoustic oscillations of superfluid solutions in narrow channels
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1978, Vol. 48, No. 1, p. 152
PDF (218.5K)

5. (He3)2 van der Waals molecular dimers in solutions of the quantum liquids He3-He II
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1980, Vol. 51, No. 1, p. 181
PDF (493.9K)

6. Propagation of transverse zero sound in He3 and of spin waves in He3-He II solutions
7. Magnetic-ordering temperature in a Fermi liquid close to a phase transition
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1979, Vol. 49, No. 5, p. 932
PDF (114.3K)

8. Transverse spin dynamics of polarized electron systems
9. Macroscopic properties of superfluid atomic hydrogen H\uparrow
10. Anomalous scattering of neutrons in spin-polarized media
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1989, Vol. 69, No. 6, p. 1139
PDF (193.7K)

11. Collective quantum effects in the transport for Boltzmann gases
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1987, Vol. 66, No. 3, p. 482
PDF (325.8K)

12. Spin waves and long-range magnetic correlations in spin-polarized quantum gases and quantum liquids
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1984, Vol. 60, No. 6, p. 1122
PDF (523.3K)

13. Magnetic resonance in quantum gases
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1984, Vol. 59, No. 3, p. 547
PDF (385.7K)

14. Localization of neutral excitations and of surface impurities on electric charges in superfluid helium
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1984, Vol. 59, No. 1, p. 94
PDF (86K)

15. The energy spectrum and other properties of localized electron states in condensed media
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1982, Vol. 55, No. 6, p. 1076
PDF (519.5K)

16. Phase transitions and high-frequency magnetic phenomena in semiconductors with point defects
E.P. Bashkin
JETP, 1982, Vol. 55, No. 1, p. 152
PDF (448.1K)

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