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Поиск публикаций автора "V.N. Ostrovskii"
Найдено 24
1. Uniqueness of the Firsov Inversion Method and Focusing Potentials
2. Internal Symmetry of the Maxwell "Fish-eye" Problem and the Fock Group for the Hydrogen Atom
3. Perturbation Theory for Weakly Bound States
4. n+l Filling Rule in the Periodic System and Focusing Potentials
5. Energy Levels of a Hydrogen Atom in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields
6. Zero-radius-potential Approximation and Inelastic Scattering of Electrons by a Molecule. The e + H2 Scattering
7. Mixing of degenerate states of an excited hydrogen atom in long-range collisions with a charged particle
8. Transitions between the degenerate states of an excited hydrogenlike ion during distant collisions with a charged particle
9. Scattering of electrons by long linear molecules. The effect of approximate translational symmetry
10. Crossing of quasistationary levels
11. Passage of low-energy particles through a nonstationary potential barrier and the quasi-energy spectrum
12. Asymptotic theory of charge transfer at arbitrary velocities
13. Interaction of an excited hydrogenlike atom with a charged partick in the dipole approximation
V.N. Ostrovskii
JETP, 1977 г., Том 46, Вып. 6, стр. 1088
PDF (446.7K)

14. Electron spectra from the autoionization of quasimolecules
15. Rotational relaxation of isotope-substituted molecules and excited complexes produced in muon catalysis
16. Photoionization of a hydrogenlike atom in a homogeneous electric field
17. Excitation of autoionization states by electrons near the threshold
V.N. Ostrovskii
JETP, 1977 г., Том 45, Вып. 6, стр. 1092
PDF (412.7K)

18. Rotational transitions in the excitation of electronic states of molecules by electron impact
19. Characteristics of electron and photon spectra associated with interaction between quasistationary terms
20. Diabatic quasistationary states and unstable closed trajectories
21. The Rydberg series for the doubly excited states of the helium atom
22. Interaction between two excited hydrogen atoms at large separations
23. Charge exchange involving ion excitation
V.N. Ostrovskii
JETP, 1983 г., Том 57, Вып. 4, стр. 766
PDF (149.6K)

24. Resonance structure of the cross section for photoionization of a hydrogen atom in an electric field
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