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1. On the Shape of Alpha-Active Nuclei
2. Incompatibility of the Conditions of Analyticity and Unitarity in the Lee Model
3. Complex Asymptotic Expressions for the Amplitudes of Inelastic Processes and Singularitles in the Angular Momentum Plane
4. Four and Five Particle Production in High Energy Collisions
5. The Behavior of the Cross Section of the Inelastic Process a + b \longrighrarrow c + d + e at High Energies
6. Semi-Analytical Solution of Equations of the Chew-Mandelstam Type
7. Equations for the Mandelstam Representation Spectral Functions
8. The Asymptotic Values of the Amplitudes of Inelastic Processes
9. On the Mandelstam Representation in Perturbation Theory for an Anomalous Mass Relation
10. Equations for the Spectral Functions of Charged Pions
11. A theory of direct four-fermion interactions
12. A theory of interacting pomerons and hadronic reactions at high energies
13. Multiple production of particles and s-channel unitarity in the pomeron strong-coupling region
14. Corrections to scaling laws in the theory of interacting pomerons
15. Left-right symmetric superstring supergravity
16. Low-energy supergravity and the light t-quark
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