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1. Reflection of Electromagnetic Waves from a Plasma Moving in Slow-Wave Guides
2. Interaction of an Electron Beam with a Plasma
3. Quasilinear Theory of Instabilities Caused by Injection of an Electron Beam into a Semi-infinite Plasma
4. Quasilinear Theory of a Weakly Turbulent Plasma with Account of Correlation of Electric Fields
5. Nonlinear waves in Uncompensated Electron Beams
6. A Plasma-beam Discharge Laser
7. Interaction Between a Plasma and an Electron Beam Modulated by Low-Frequency Oscillations
8. Drift Instabilities of a Plasma Situated in a High-frequency Electric Field
9. Investigation of a Linear Plasma Betatron
10. Nonlinear Theory of Interaction between a "Monochromatic" Beam of Relativistic Electrons and a Plasma
11. Interaction of a relativistic electron beam with a dense plasma
12. Appearance of Turbulence During the Interaction of a "Monoenergetic" Beam with a Plasma
13. Interaction Between a Modulated Relativistic Beam and a Plasma
14. Solitary charge density waves in a magnetoactive plasma
15. Suppression of a high-frequency instability of an ion beam in a plasma by a low-intensity electron beam
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