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1. Application of the Dispersion Method for Investigation of the Simplest Green's Functions in Quantum Electrodynamics
2. Asymptotic Expression for the Total γγ Scattering Cross Section at High Energies
V.D. Mur
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 3, p. 727
PDF (725.6K)

3. Regge Poles in Photoproduction Amplitude
4. On the Use of an Arbitrary Gauge of the Electromagnetic Potentials in the Dispersion Method
5. Properties of deep-lying levels in a strong electrostatic field
6. Model-independent description of the dt and (d3He) systems near low-energy resonances
7. Nuclear Ievel shift and radiative transitions in a proton-antiproton atom
8. WKB method at Z>137 and its applications to the theory of supercritical atoms
9. The WKB method for resonances
10. Theory of the Stark effect in a strong field: critical fields, above-barrier resonances, dependence on dimensionality
11. 1/n expansion for wave functions
12. Quantization rules with allowance for barrier penetration
13. Description of relativistic heavy-light quark-antiquark systems via Dirac equation
14. The matching conditions in the WKB method
15. 1/n expansion for wave functions
16. The 1/N expansion in quantum mechanics
17. Stark resonances and scaling in Rydberg atoms
18. Zel'dovich effect in atomic and nuclear physics
19. Stark effect exhibited by Rydberg atoms and the near-threshold resonances of the photoionization cross section
V.D. Mur, V.S. Popov
JETP, 1988, Vol. 67, No. 10, p. 2027
PDF (292.6K)

20. The hydrogen atom in a strong electric field
21. Shallow nuclear levels and radiative transitions in hadronic atoms
22. Theory of nuclear level shifts in hadronic atoms
23. Level shifts under the influence of a short-range potential
24. Spectrum of weakly bound states of a particle in external electric fields
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