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1. Some Remarks on the Singularities of the Cosmological Solutions of the Gravitational Equations
L.P. Grishchuk
JETP, 1967, Vol. 24, No. 2, p. 320
PDF (563.1K)

2. The Model of "Mixmaster Universe " with Arbitrarily Moving Matter
3. Simultaneous Physical Singularity in Space Filled by a Dustlike Medium
L.P. Grishchuk
JETP, 1968, Vol. 26, No. 5, p. 974
PDF (678.5K)

4. Anisotropy of the Early Stages of Cosmological Expansion and of Relict Radiation
5. Drift of particles in the field of a gravitational wave
L.P. Grishchuk
JETP, 1974, Vol. 39, No. 3, p. 402
PDF (118.8K)

6. Amplification of gravitational waves in an isotropic universe
L.P. Grishchuk
JETP, 1975, Vol. 40, No. 3, p. 409
PDF (362.5K)

7. Long gravitational waves in a closed universe
8. Excitation and detection of standing gravitational waves
9. Electromagnetic detectors of gravitational waves
10. Emission of gravitational waves by an electromagnetic cavity
11. Weak supergravity
12. Gravitational wave pulses with "velocity-coded memory"
13. Boundary conditions for the wave function of the universe
14. Equivalence principle and zero-point field fluctuations
15. The Hamiltonian description of the gravitational field and gauge symmetries
16. Kinematic resonance and memory effect in free-mass gravitational antennas
17. Inflationary stages in cosmological models with a scalar field
18. Quantum electromagnetic oscillator in the field of a gravitational wave and the problem of nondemolition measurements
19. Gauge conditions for fields of higher spins in an external gravitational field
20. Squeezed quantum states of a harmonic oscillator in the problem of gravitational-wave detection
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