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1. Nuclear Polarization in Semiconductors and Semimetals by a Direct Current
A.K. Zvezdin
JETP, 1966, Vol. 22, No. 4, p. 907
PDF (1009.7K)

2. Theory of Nuclear Spin Polarization Induced by Hot Electrons
A.K. Zvezdin
JETP, 1967, Vol. 24, No. 3, p. 546
PDF (499.8K)

3. Resonance Variation of the Mobility of Hot Electrons in a High-frequency Magnetic Field
4. Some Features of the Physical Properties of Rare-earth Iron Garnets Near the Compensation Temperature
5. Motion of a Current Pinch in a Magnetic Field in Semiconductors with an S-shaped Current-voltage Characteristic
6. Temperature Dependence of the Coercive Force of Ferrimagnets near the Compensation Temperature
7. New orientational transitions induced in orthoferrites by an external field
8. Spin-flip transitions in cubic magnets. Magnetic phase diagram of terbium-yttrium iron garnets
9. Domain walls and NMR in orthoferrites
A.K. Zvezdin
JETP, 1975, Vol. 41, No. 4, p. 715
PDF (406.6K)

10. Gigantic effect of magnetic vacancies on a phase transition of the Morin type in rare-earth orthoferrites
11. Faraday effect in terbium-ytterbium iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
12. Level crossing and instability of magnetic structure in rare-earth iron garnets
13. Ferrimagnets with Ising ions. Magnetic properties of holmium-yttrium iron garnets in strong fields at helium temperatures
14. Theory of the magnetic properties of dysprosium orthoferrite
15. Quantum jumps of magneto-optical effects and the magnetization in rare-earth compounds in ultrastrong magnetic fields
16. Magnetoelectric effect and magnetic phase transitions in (FexCr1-x)2O3 single crystals
17. Quantum tunneling of a domain wall in a weak ferromagnet
18. Modification of the spin structure of high-molecular-weight magnetic clusters in strong magnetic fields
19. Magnetic phase transitions in terbium orthoferrite
20. Metamagnetic phase transitions and instability of magnetic structure in rare-earth orthoferrites
21. Orientational phase transitions in the vicinity of the Curie point in terbium-gadolinium alloys
22. Magnetoelastic solitary waves and supersonic domain-wall dynamics
23. Bloch-line velocity limit in magnetic films
24. Dynamic interaction and collisions of Bloch lines in a ferromagnet
25. Magnetic properties and phase transitions in amorphous Er-Fe alloys
26. Dissipative structures produced by supersonic motion of domain walls in orthoferrites
27. Magnetostriction of paramagnetic rare-earth garnets
28. Dynamics of vertical-Bloch-line clusters
29. Probabilistic description of nonlinear dynamics of domain walls
30. Magnetic linear birefringence of rare-earth garnets
31. Magnetic properties of DyCrO3
32. Dynamics of Bloch lines in a ferromagnet
33. Linear magnetostriction and antiferromagnetic domain structure in dysprosium orthoferrite
34. Spin echo of nuclei in domain walls of yttrium orthoferrite crystals
35. Ferrimagnets with lsing ions. H-T-x phase diagrams of holmium-yttrium iron garnets
36. Field dependence of the magnetostriction constants of rare-earth iron garnets
37. Theoretical and experimental investigations of the magnetostriction of paramagnetic rare-earth garnets Tb3Ga5O12 and Dy3AI5O12
38. Faraday effect of rare-earth iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
39. Contribution to the nonlinear theory of magnetostatlc spin waves
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