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1. Accretion onto a neutron star in the presence of intense radiation
2. Nonlinear theory of the Jeans instability in a cold nondissipative medium
3. Effects of the nonlinear stage of Jeans instability on the pairwise correlation function
4. Kinetics of the interaction of strong radiation with a plasma
5. 5A halo of dark matter and neutron stars: relationship to gamma-ray bursts
6. Relaxed turbulent plasma state and anomalous transport processes
7. Black-hole formation in the center of a nondissociative gravitational singularity
8. Nondissipative gravitational turbulence
9. Nondissipative gravitational turbulence in an expanding universe
10. Diffusion of charged particles in a random magnetic field
11. Dynamics of a nonequilibrium magnetized plasma in weakly stochastic fields
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