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1. Quasilinear theory of a parametrically unstable magnetoactive plasma
2. Nonstationary turbulence of parametrically unstable plasma
3. Anomalous interaction of strong laser radiation with dense plasma
4. Nonlinear conversion of radiation into plasma waves
5. Nonlocal plasma electron hydrodynamics
6. Generation of the (3/2)ω0 harmonic of the neodymium-laser radiation during the heating of spherical targets
7. Parametric absorption of electromagnetic radiation in a magnetized plasma
8. Fast waves in a laser plasma
9. Investigation of 2ω0-harmonic generation in a laser plasma
10. Excitation of electromagnetic fields in an inhomogeneous plasma by an anisotropic ionization pulse
11. Heating of a dense plasma by an ultrashort laser pulse in the anomalous skin-effect regime
12. Electromagnetic field generation by an ultrashort laser pulse in a rarefied plasma
13. Investigation of the side scattering from a laser-produced plasma at the fundamental frequency
14. Theory of nonlinear stationary states of a ring parametric oscillator
15. Effect of trapped particles on stimulated Brillouin scattering in a plasma
16. Investigation of generation of the \frac{3}{2}{\omega}_{0} harmonic produced by spherical laser irradiation of a plasma
17. The theory of phase conjugation during stimulated scattering in a self-intersecting light beam
18. Parametric turbulence and Cherenkov heating of electrons in a spatially inhomogeneous plasma
19. Stimulated Brillouin scattering with distributed feedback
20. Theory of double stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering in a plasma with a reflecting boundary
21. Observation of the Z-dependence of laser-plasma corona temperature in investigation of half-integer harmonic radiation
22. Theory of nonlinear saturation of stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering in plasma (SMBS)
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