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1. Inhomogeneous Resonance in Antiferromagnets
2. Coupled Magnetoelastic Waves in Antiferromagnets in Strong Magnetic Fields
3. Relaxation and Thermal Conductivity in Magnetic Materials with Dislocations
4. Theory of Nonlinear Phenomena in Ferromagnets
5. Surface Magnetostatic Waves in Uniaxial Antiferromagnets
6. Impurity Spin- wave States in Noncollinear Antiferromagnets
7. Second Sound in Antiferromagnetic Substances
8. Effect of Dislocations on the Line Width of Uniform Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Resonances
9. Theory of nonuniform magnetic states in ferromagnets in the vicinity of second-order phase transitions
10. Attenuation of the Critical Vibrations in Displacive-type Ferroelectrics Containing Dislocations
11. Effect of pressure on magnetoacoustic resonance in uniaxial antiferrornagnets
12. Domain structure of uniaxial ferrimagnets with a compensation point in strong magnetic fields
13. Types of instability in ordered domain structures
14. Magnetic dislocations in a stripe domain structure
15. Striction effects and dynamics of the magnetic subsystem in spin-reorientation phase transitions. Symmetry aspects
16. Spontaneous and orientational phase transitions in quasiuniaxial magnetic films
17. Theory of phase transitions into inhomogeneous states in organic ferroelectrics in an external electric field
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