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1. Measurement of the Electrical Resistance of Metals in a Magnetic Field as a Method of Investigating the Fermi Surface
2. Hall Effect and Susceptibility of Gold
3. The Anisotropy of Magnetoresistance and the Topology of Fermi Surfaces of Metals
4. The Superconductivity of Electrolytically Deposited Copper-Bismuth and Alloys
5. Critical Currents in Superconducting Tin Films
6. Anisotropy of the Electrical Resistance of Mg and Pt Single Crystals in a Magnetic Field at 4.2^{\circ}K
7. The Problem of the Superconductivity of the Compounds Bi4Rh and Bi2Rh
8. Anomalous Galvanomagnetic Properties of Metals at Low Temperatures
9. The Effect of Uniform Compression on the Superconducting Properties of the α- and β-Modifications of Bi2Pd
10. Calorimetric Method of Determining the Optical Constants of Metals in the Infrared Region at Low Temperatures
11. The Effect of Pressure on the Superconductivity of Cadmium
12. The Influence of Plastic Deformation on the Anomalous Behavior of the Resistance of Gold at Low Temperatures
13. Anistropy of the Electrical Resistance of a Gold Monocrystal in a Magnetic Field at 4.2^{\circ}K
14. The Problem of Magnetic Breakdown in Beryllium
15. Investigation of the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Pd
16. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Beryllium
17. Measurement of the Resistance of Single Crystals in a Pulsed Magnetic Field
18. The Fermi Surface of Tin
19. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Rhenium
20. Superconductivity of Gallium Nitride
21. Superconductivity of Some Binary and Ternary Alloys
22. Open Cross Sections of Cadmium, Zinc, and Thallium Fermi Surfaces
23. Fermi Surface of Silver
24. Concerning the Fermi Surface of Tin
25. Superconducting Solenoids Using Nb3Sn for Strong Magnetic Fields
26. Change in the Concentration of Current Carriers in Bismuth Due to Admixtures of Selenium
27. The Fermi Surface of Lead
28. Concerning the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Bismuth
29. Investigation of Galvanomagnetic Properties of Hydrogenated Palladium Single Crystals
30. Superconductivity in the Ag-Ga System
31. Measurement of the Effective Magnetic Fields Acting on Co60 Nuclei in Dilute Solid Solutions of Co in Pd
32. Magnetic Breakdown in Beryllium
33. On the Superconducting Properties of Aluminum Films
34. The Superconducting Properties of Rhenium
35. lnvestigation of the magnetic hyperfine interaction for impurity tin atoms in dilute Pd-Co solid solutions at low temperatures
36. NMR in Nb3AI1-xGex compounds
37. Mössbauer effect in superconducting films of tin evaporated jointly with a tin complex of etioporphyrin
38. lnvestigation of the superconducting properties of V-Al and V-Sn solid solutions
39. Effect of pressure on the properties of molybdenum sulfides in the superconducting and normal states
40. "Magnetic anomaly" of the probability of the Mössbauer effect in dilute Pd-Co alloys
41. Effect of magnetic breakdown on the Hall effect in beryllium
42. Effect of pressure on the magnetic and structural transitions in GaMo5S6
43. Magnetic breakdown and thermoelectric power in niobium
44. Critical magnetic fields of molybdenum chalcogenides
45. Critical points of ternary molybdenum chalcogenides
46. Electron spin resonance on localized magnetic states in the super-conducting system La-Er
47. The effect of pressure on the Curie point of dilute Pd-Co alloys
48. Excess conductivity and diamagnetism in superconducting perovskite-like systems: prospects for raising the critical temperature
49. Investigation of the properties of metal oxlde compounds In superconducting and normal states
50. Electron spin resonance due to localized moments in superconducting metal oxides
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