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1. Self-consistent theory of the generation of vortex structures in a plasma with an anisotropic pressure under the conditions of the Weibel instability
2. A kinetic equation for a plasma in a high-frequency field
3. Nonlocal plasma electron hydrodynamics
4. Generation of the (3/2)ω0 harmonic of the neodymium-laser radiation during the heating of spherical targets
5. Investigation of 2ω0-harmonic generation in a laser plasma
6. Excitation of electromagnetic fields in an inhomogeneous plasma by an anisotropic ionization pulse
7. Electromagnetic field generation by an ultrashort laser pulse in a rarefied plasma
8. Generation of quasistatic magnetic fields and stimulated magnetic scattering in a plasma with frequent collisions
9. Investigation of generation of the \frac{3}{2}{\omega}_{0} harmonic produced by spherical laser irradiation of a plasma
10. Observation of the Z-dependence of laser-plasma corona temperature in investigation of half-integer harmonic radiation
11. Transfer anisotropy in a turbulent plasma
12. Ion-acoustic plasma turbulence
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