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1. Behavior of Domain Structure under the Influence of Elastic Stresses
2. Spontaneous Magnetization of Thin Ferromagnetic Films
V.A. Ignatchenko
JETP, 1961, Vol. 13, No. 4, p. 863
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3. Spectrum of Coupled Magnetoelastic Oscillations in a Thin Magnetic Film
4. Magnetic and Acoustic Excitation of Coupled Magnetoelastic Oscillations in a Thin Magnetic Film
5. Structure of Domain Boundary in a Ferromagnetic of Finite Thickness
6. Resonant Shift and Broadening of FMR Lines, Due to Fine Magnetic Structure
7. Magnetic-resonance Frequencies in Films on Antiferromagnetic Substrates
8. Magnetic Structure of Thin Magnetic Films and Ferromagnetic Resonance
9. Magnetic resonance of an isotropic superparamagnet
10. Electron-nuclear magnetic resonance in the inverted state
11. Electron-nuclear magnetic resonance in a thin ferromagnetic film
12. Superparamagnet in an inverted state
13. Spin waves in amorphous and finely divided ferromagnets with allowance for dipole-dipole interaction
14. Stationary and transient processes in the region of overlap of nuclear and electron magnetic resonance
15. Dispersion relation and spin-wave spectroscopy of amorphous ferromagnets
16. Study of the dispersion law for spin waves in amorphous films by the spin-wave resonance method
17. Spin waves in a randomly inhomogenews anisotropic medium
18. Metastable states and magnetic resonance of the domain structure in a ferromagnet
19. Plasma waves in a randomly inhomogeneous metal
20. Domain-wall resonance in thin magnetic films
21. Electromagnetic waves in a randomly inhomogeneous metal
22. Law of approach of the magnetization to saturation in a'morphous ferromagnets
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