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1. On the Problem of the Covarient Definition of the Spin Pseudovector
2. Effect of Vacuum Fluctuations on the Polarization of Electrons Moving in a Magnetic Field
3. The Quntun Theory of the Radiating Electron, IV
4. On Polarization Effects in the Radiation of an Accelerated Electron
5. Investigation of Stability of Electron Motion in Cyclic Accelerators when Quantum Effects are Included
6. Radiation from Fast Electrons with Oriented Spins in a Magnetic Field
7. Possibility of Polarization of an Electron Beam Due to Relativistic Radiation in a Magnetic Field
8. Electromagnetic Radiation from a Neutron in an External Magnetic Field
9. Concerning the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Electron
10. Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Neutral Fermi Particles
11. Radiative effects in the field of an electromagnetic wave with allowance for the action of a stationary magnetic field
12. Photoproduction of electron-positron pairs in a strong magnetic field and the field of a plane electromagnetic wave
13. Generation of gravitational waves by a strong electromagnetic wave scattered by electrons in a magnetic field
14. Gravitational synchrotron radiation of a particle in Kerr and Schwarzschild fields
15. Anomalous magnetic moment of an electron in a polarized electromagnetic wave
16. Emission from a neutral fermion with anomalous magnetic moment in a nonlinear plane-wave field
17. Effect of temperature and density of an electron gas on the beta processes in a quantizing magnetic field
18. Stimulated emission during axial channeling
19. Heavy nuclei in a superstrong magnetic field Heavy nuclei in a superstrong magnetic field
20. Radiative self-polarization of electron-positron beams in axial channeling
21. Beta decay of polarized nuclei in the field of an intense electromagnetic wave
22. Radiation of relativistic electrons moving along the arc of a circle
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