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1. Distribution of Density of Protons with Given Angular Momentum in the Nucleus
2. Localization of Nucleons in the O168 Nucleus
3. Theory of Quantization of Magnetic Flux in Superconductors
L.P. Rapoport
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 1003
PDF (268.4K)

4. Superfluidity of Nuclear Matter
5. Quantum Vortices in a Fermion System
6. Quadratic Stark Effect on Atoms
7. Multiphoton Excitation of Atoms
8. Perturbation Theory for the Multiphoton Ionization of Atoms
9. Two-photon Ionization of the Hydrogen Atom
10. Perturbation theory for the quasienergy spectrum of atoms in a strong monochromatic field
11. Polarization effects in multiphoton ionization of alkali atoms
12. Particle with low binding energy in a circularly polarized field
13. Higher-order perturbation theory effects in the shift and width of atomic levels in an optical field
14. Erratum: Coherent scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a system of polarized particles [JETP 82 (4), 647-655 (1996)]
15. Quasistationary states of a hydrogen atom in the field of a strong monochromatic wave
16. Radiative binding of slowly colliding atoms into a molecule in a laser field
17. Nonresonant transitions and ionization of atoms in slow collisions in a laser field
18. Coherent scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a system of polarized particles
19. Light scattering by polarized atoms
20. Wave functions of charged particles simultaneously in Coulomb and laser fields
L.P. Rapoport
JETP, 1994, Vol. 78, No. 3, p. 284
PDF (200.2K)

21. Multiphoton ionization of polarized atoms
22. Quasi-classical theory of potential scattering of an electron in the field of a laser wave
23. Generalized quasienergy states and spectrum of atoms in the field of intense multimode radiation
24. Potential scattering of electrons In the presence of an electromagnetic wave
25. Drag current in multiphoton ionization of atomic gases
26. Electron scattering by an atom in the field of resonant laser radiation
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