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1. Nonlinear Interaction of Electromagnetic Waves in a Plasma
2. Induced Raman Scattering of Longitudinal Waves in a Magnetoactive Plasma
3. A Complete Set of Angular Functions for the Three Body Problem for an Arbitrary Orbital Angular Momentum
4. Statistical Theory of the Polarizability of Atoms and lons
5. Buildup of Low-frequency Potential Oscillations in a Cold Magnetoactive Plasma by the Field of an Electromagnetic Wave
6. Electron Temperature of a Plasma Scattering Intense Light Beams
7. Anomalous Absorption of an Electromagnetic Wave by a Plasma
8. Quasilinear theory of a parametrically unstable magnetoactive plasma
9. Nonstationary turbulence of parametrically unstable plasma
10. Second-harmonic Generation in an Inhomogeneous Laser Plasma
11. Anomalous interaction of strong laser radiation with dense plasma
12. Directivity of scattered light and x rays in a laser plasma
13. Nonlinear conversion of radiation into plasma waves
14. Nonlinear dissipation of electromagnetic waves in a plasma
15. Generation of the (3/2)ω0 harmonic of the neodymium-laser radiation during the heating of spherical targets
16. Nonlinear Langmuir perturbations in an inhomogeneous plasma
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