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Поиск публикаций автора "L.A. Bol'shov"
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1. Phase transitions in a monolayer on the surface of a metal
2. Coherent interaction of light pulses and a three-level system
3. Experimental study of wave-front reversal in stimulated temperature and Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering and stimulated temperature scattering in liquids
4. Influence of detuning from resonance on the instability of coherent light pulses in absorbing media
5. Instability of coherent propagation of light pulses in resonantly absorbing media
6. Dispersion phenomena in the propagation of radiation in media with time-dependent refractive indices
7. Advanced magnetothermal phenomena in a laser plasma
8. Shape instability of dislocation line in a crystal supersaturated with point defects
9. Diffusion and phase transitions in films on crystal surfaces
10. The nonlinear stage in the growth of laser-induced periodic surface structures
11. Theory of coherent frequency conversion via ultrashort pulses in resonant media
12. Acceleration of foils by a pulsed laser beam
13. Nonlinear distortions of the angular spectrum in stimulated scattering
14. Spinodal decomposition and glass transition in eutectic alloys
15. Contribution to the theory of reconstruction of the surface of a semiconducting crystal
16. Coherent amplification of radiation under forward resonant stimulated Raman scattering
17. Structure of thin films on surfaces of single crystals
18. Effect of transverse inhomogeneities on the propagation of simultons (two-frequency light pulses) in three-level media
19. Spontaneous magnetization of the thermal conductivity in an expanding laser plasma
20. Contribution to the theory of coherent interaction of light pulses with resonant multilevel media
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