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Поиск публикаций автора "A.A. Ansel'm"
Найдено 26
1. On Certain General Properties of the Photon Propagation Function in Quantum Electrodynamics
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1960 г., Том 11, Вып. 4, стр. 929
PDF (812.5K)

2. A Model of a Field Theory with Nonvanishing Renormalized Charge
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1959 г., Том 9, Вып. 3, стр. 608
PDF (384.5K)

3. Solution of Equations for the Meson-Meson Scattering Amplitude in the Asymptotic Region
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1960 г., Том 11, Вып. 6, стр. 1356
PDF (267.1K)

4. Possible Asymmetry of Particles and Antiparticles in Weak Interactions
A.A. Ansel'm, V.M. Shekhter
JETP, 1958 г., Том 7, Вып. 3, стр. 523
PDF (281K)

5. Non-Conservation of Parity in Processes of Neutrino-Capture by Protons and Deuterons
V.V. Anisovich, A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1958 г., Том 7, Вып. 4, стр. 686
PDF (390.2K)

6. Scattering of Slow Neutrons by Diatomic Molecules
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1958 г., Том 6, Вып. 3, стр. 480
PDF (588.2K)

7. On the Production of π-Mesons by Protons on Nuclei of Various Elements
A.A. Ansel'm, V.M. Shekhter
JETP, 1958 г., Том 6, Вып. 2, стр. 376
PDF (298.5K)

8. Asymptotic Theory of a One-Dimensional Four-Fermion Interaction
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1959 г., Том 8, Вып. 6, стр. 1065
PDF (802K)

9. The Regge Pole Trajectories for Weak Coupling
10. Analytic Properties of Regge Pole Trajectories
11. Contribution to the Theory of the \pi + N {\rightarrow} N + \pi + \pi and \gamma + N {\rightarrow} N + \pi + \pi Reactions Near Threshold
12. On the Maximum Value of the Coupling Constant in Field Theory
13. Three-particle Unitarity Condition for Complex Angular Momenta and the Mandelstam Branching Points
14. Three-particle Partial Amplitudes and the Unitarity Conditions for Complex Values of the Angular Momentum
15. The Statistical Character of Multiple Hadron Production in the Theory of Complex Angular Momenta
A.A. Ansel'm, I.T. Dyatlov
JETP, 1968 г., Том 27, Вып. 3, стр. 533
PDF (667.3K)

16. The fermion masses in gauge theories with chiral invariance at short distances
17. Some parity-nonconservation effects in emission by hydrogenlike atoms
18. Dynamic spontaneous breaking of gauge invariance in asymptotically free theories
19. Radiative corrections to the axial anomaly
A.A. Ansel'm, A.A. logansen
JETP, 1989 г., Том 69, Вып. 4, стр. 670
PDF (574.2K)

20. A supersymmetric theory of grand unification with automatic hierarchy and low-energy physics
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1988 г., Том 67, Вып. 4, стр. 663
PDF (343.2K)

21. Vacuum birefringence in an intense laser radiation field
22. Restrictions on the existence of spin-spin coupling of nonelectromagnetic origin in experiments on the measurement of the gyromagnetic ratios of the proton and deuteron
A.A. Ansel'm, Yu. I. Neronov
JETP, 1985 г., Том 61, Вып. 6, стр. 1154
PDF (86.8K)

23. The problem of particle generations and the quint structure of leptons and quarks
A.A. Ansel'm
JETP, 1981 г., Том 53, Вып. 1, стр. 23
PDF (548.5K)

24. A restriction on the existence of a new type of fundamental interaction (the "arion" long-range interaction) in an experiment on spin precession of mercury nuclei
25. Flavor-changing interactions of Goldstone bosonswith fermions
A.A. Ansel'm, N.G. Ural'tsev
JETP, 1983 г., Том 57, Вып. 6, стр. 1142
PDF (472.6K)

26. Pseudo-Goldstone bosons of technicolor
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