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1. Asymptotic Relations Between Polarizations in Crossed Reactions
2. Asymptotic Relations Between Cross Sections in Local Field Theory
3. Meson Production in Neutrino Experiments and the Isotopic Structure of Weak Interactions
Nguyen Van Hieu
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 1, p. 143
PDF (351.4K)

4. Regge Poles and the Asymptotic Behavior of the Cross Sections for Some Weak-interaction Processes
Nguyen Van Hieu
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 2, p. 374
PDF (341.9K)

5. Radiative Corrections to the β Decay of the Neutron
6. Ke4 Decays and the Isoscalar Pion-pion Resonance at Low Energy
7. Amplitudes for the K\bar{K} \longrightarrow \pi\pi Process and Ke4 Decays
Nguyen Van Hieu
JETP, 1963, Vol. 17, No. 1, p. 113
PDF (324.7K)

8. Role of' the \gamma + \gamma \longrightarrow \gamma + 
u + \bar{
u} Process in Neutrino Emission Stars
9. Production of Pions and K-Mesons in Processes Involving High Energy Neutrinos
Nguyen Van Hieu
JETP, 1963, Vol. 17, No. 2, p. 424
PDF (181.8K)

10. Possibility of Observing Neutral Currents in Neutrino Experiments
11. On the Existence of a Pseudoscalar Meson of Zero Mass
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