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1. Scattering of 590 Mev Neutrons by Protons in the Small Angle Region
2. On Possible Sets of Experiments for Simultaneous Analysis of Data on Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering and Polarization in p-n collisions at 635 Mev
3. Determination of the Coupling Constant for the Pion-Nucleon Interaction from Cross Sections for the Elastic Scattering of 630-Mev Neutrons by Protons
4. An Investigation of the Elastic Scattering of 590 MEV Neutrons by Neutrons
5. Total Cross Sections of Nuclei of Certain Elements for Neutrons with Energies of 590 mev
6. Angular Dependence of the Polarization Correlation Cnn and Construction of the Amplitude Moduli for pp Scattering at 640 MeV. Estimate of the Singlet Phase Shifts. II
7. Correlation Between the Normal Polarization Components in the pp-Scattering at 650 Mev. I
8. Relativistic Rotation of Spin S =1/2 in Collisions of Particles Arbitrarily Moving with Respect to the Observer
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