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1. The Energy Spectrum of a Non-ideal Fermi Gas
V.M. Galitskii
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 1, p. 104
PDF (1129.4K)

2. Application of Quantum Field Theory Methods to the Many Body Problem
3. Sound Excitations in Fermi Systems
V.M. Galitskii
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 4, p. 698
PDF (298.1K)

4. Oscillation of Photon Density in a Resonance Medium
5. Effect of Quantum Absorption on Bremsstrahlung of Ultra-relativistic Electrons
6. Superfluidity in a Fermi System in the Presence of Pairs with Nonzero Angular Momentum
7. Collective Excitations with Non-Zero Angular Momentum Pairing
8. Collective Excitations in a Superconductor
9. Propagation of Photons in a Medium of Resonant Molecules
10. Dielectric Constant of a Resonance Medium
11. Radiation from a System of Resonant Molecules with Energy-level Scatter
12. Two-photon Emission in Electron Collisions
13. Collective Excitations Near Second-order Phase-transition Points
14. Particle Relaxation in a Maxwell Gas
15. Sensitized Fluorescence in Pure Alkali Metal Vapors
16. Bremsstrahlung in the Collision of a Muon with an Electron at Rest
17. Dielectric Constant of a Gas of Resonant Atoms
18. Electric and Magnetic Properties of a Semiconductor in the Field of a Strong Electromagnetic Wave
19. Effect of Atomic Collisions on Polarization of Laser Radiation
20. Thermal Oscillations and the Mössbauer Effect in the Phase Transition Region in Ferroelectrics
21. Electron kinetics and stationary generation in semiconductor lasers
22. Collisions accompanied by excitation transfer between atoms with large angular momenta
23. Hydrodynamical theory of collective motions of nuclear matter in interaction of nuclei with higher-energy hadrons
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