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1. On Pair Production by the Collision of Two Circularly Polarized Gamma-Ray Quanta
2. Nuclear Saturation and the Lévy-Klein Potential of Pseudoscalar Meson Theory
B.K. Kerimov
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 2, p. 326
PDF (333.8K)

3. Polarization Effects in the {\pi}^{0} \rightarrow e^{-} + e^{+} + \gamma Decay
4. Polarization of Electrons in Elastic Scattering with Account of the Finite Size of the Nucleus
5. Scattering of Dirac Particles by a Short-Range Center of Force with Damping Taken into Account
6. Statistical Theory of the Atomic Nucleus. III
7. Nuclear Density and the Distribution of Orbital Angular Momentum in Nuclei
8. Two-Nucleon Potential of Intermolecular Type and Nuclear Saturation
9. Effect of Damping on Polarization of Dirac Particles in Scattering
10. Bremsstrahlung from a Longitudinally Polarized Electron with Account of the Finite Size of the Nucleus
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