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1. Radiation polarization and ferromagnetic ordering in a semiconductor laser
2. Multimode generation in semiconductor lasers
3. Kinetic properties of an exciton ferromagnet
4. Inhomogeneous state of excitonic ferromagnet
5. Inhomogeneous current state of an excitonic insulator
6. Short-range order in quasi-two-dimensional band antiferromagnets with a spin-density wave
7. Kondo resonances and localized states on magnetic impurities in systems with charge- and spin-density waves
8. Collective excitations in banded antiferromagnets with short-range order
9. Electronic states of variable-valence impurity centers in crystals with charge- and spin-density waves
V.V. Tugushev
JETP, 1994, Vol. 79, No. 1, p. 147
PDF (180.6K)

10. Self-consistent theory of quantum spin fluctuations in antiferromagnets with a spin density wave
11. The structure of short-range order near a defect in systems with spin-density waves
12. Superstructure of a spin density wave in a band antiferromagnet with a nonmagnetic impurlty
13. Localized states on defects in electronic transitions into a soliton-lattice state
14. Pseudoproper toroidal ordering in antiferromagnets
15. Toroidal collective excitations and the optical properties of crystals
16. Axial toroidal moments in electrodynamics and solid-state physics
17. Toroidal oscillations in crystals
18. Magnetic susceptibility near a phase transition into the current state
19. Macroscopic current states in crystals
20. Spin current density waves and the weak ferromagnetisrn in itinerant magnets
V.V. Tugushev
JETP, 1984, Vol. 59, No. 6, p. 1282
PDF (296.6K)

21. Anomalous nonlinear effects at phase transitions to ferroelectric and magnetoelectric states
22. Phase diagrams of electronic and superconductlng transitions to soliton lattice states
23. Field effects in impurity-containing metals
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