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1. A Spectroscopic Method for the Investigation of Elastic Scattering of Slow Electrons
2. Kinetics of the Generation Spectrum of a Photodissociation Iodine Laser
3. The Quantum Kinetic Equation Method for Atoms and Molecules and its Application to the Calculaton of Optical Characteristics of Gases
4. Transformation of Laser Radiation by Stimulated Raman Scattering
5. Contributions to the theory of nonlinear power resonances in gas lasers
6. Spectroscopy within the radiative linewidth
7. Spectral characteristics of a gas saturated by a resonance field
8. Absorption line shape of homogeneously broadened degenerate transition
9. Resonance broadening of two-photon S-S transitions
10. Effect of geometry and field intensity on the profiles of saturated-absorption resonances in low-pressure molecular gases
11. Sound vibrations and bulk viscosity of a mixture of light and heavy gases
12. General features of collision narrowing of spectral lines in gases
13. Maximum resolving power of laser spectroscopy with use of frequency resonances
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