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1. Breakdown in Transparent Dielectrics Caused by Intense Laser Radiation
2. The Effect of Stimulated Free-carrier Absorption on Two-photon Photoconductivity in Semiconductors
3. Investigation of the Laser Effect in CO2 During Pulsed Excitation
4. Collective Properties of Excitons in Silicon
5. Influence of a Magnetic Field on the Drag of Free Carriers by Photons in Semiconductors
6. Dragging of Electrons by Photons in Intraband Absorption of Light by Free Cerriers in Semiconductors
7. Magnetic-field-induced photovoltaic effect in p-type gallium arsenide
8. Tunneling, accompanying plasma reflection of radiation, in metal-semiconductor junctions with a self-consistent Schottky barrier
9. Exciton luminescence kinetics in silicon under the conditions of injection of a phonon pulse
10. Quantum-interference resonant photocurrent
11. Bound-exciton Auger recombination induced by acoustic phonons
12. Kinetics of nonequilibrium acoustic phonons in a thin semiconductor sample
13. Impact ionization in semiconductors under the influence of the electric field of an optical wave
14. Linear photovoltaic effect in p-type gallium arsenide
15. Exciton diffusion and the mechanism of exciton momentum scattering in semiconductors
16. Exciton transport by nonequllibrium phonons and its effect on recombination radiation from semiconductors at high excitation levels
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