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1. Resonance Phenomena in Nonlinear Optics
2. Optical Harmonic Generation in Semiconductors and in Dielectrics Close to an Absorption Band Edge
3. Some Features of the Photoconductivity Spectrum of Semiconductors
4. Photon Echoes in Double Radiooptical Resonance
5. On One Possibility of Making a Medium Transparent by Multiquantum Resonance
6. Investigation of Superparamagnetism of Ferromagnetic Particles by Mossbauer Spectroscopy
7. Contribution to the Theory of Nonstationary Process of the Photon-echo Type in Crystals with Ferromagnetic Impurities
8. Theory of absorption of electromagnetic waves by small particles
9. Impurity bands, magnetic ordering, and metal-insulator transitions in dielectrics doped with transitional metals
10. Propagation of short optical pulses during third-harmonic generation in the case of two-photon resonance
11. Theoretical pulse shapes for the photon (light) echo
12. Self-induced transparency in two-photon resonance on an inhomogeneously broadened line
13. Radiation-induced bound-free transitions of surface atoms
14. New mechanism of photon echo in magnetic systems
15. Condensed states of excited cesium atoms
16. Decay of a condensate consisting of excited cesium atoms
17. Spatially localized microwave discharge In the atmosphere
18. Dephasing of resonant optical transitions of Pr+3 in a Y2SiO5 crystal
19. Theory of the suppression of the electron-phonon interaction in the strong field of a coherent optical pulse
20. Time-delayed four-wave mixing in a localized state + band system
21. Theory of cooperative interaction of point defects and the extrinsic photoconductivity of semiconductors
22. Impurity recombination of Rydberg matter
23. Nonlinear interaction of light with a thin layer of surface resonant atoms
24. Spectral problem for bound solitons (asymptotic behavior of ultrashort optical pulses in a dense resonant medium)
25. New kinetic technique for studying coherent optical effects
26. Surface quantum sputtering of solid bodies by light ions
27. Exactly integrable models of resonance interaction of light with a thin film of three-particle levels
28. Nonstationary-image scale transformations by photon-echo signals
29. Interaction of ultrashort light pulses with a thin layer of surface atoms in two-photon resonance
30. Spatial and temporal characteristics of signals representing transient Raman scattering and photon echo under two-photon excitation conditions
31. Kinetics of surface structures on solids exposed to laser radiation
32. Temporal and correlation properties of echo signals in two- and three-level systems under conditions of inhomogeneous broadening of resonant energy levels
33. Spatial and temporal correlations of coherent optical pulses in the photon echo effect
34. Propagation of ultrashort optical pulses in resonant nonlinear light guides
35. Polarization features of coherent transition phenomena in two-photon resonance
36. Theory of the condensed state in a system of excited atoms
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