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1. Temperature Dependence of the Electron and Hole Mean Free Paths in Antimony
2. Electromagnetic Excitation of Sound Waves in Tin and Bismuth
3. Nonlinear size effect in bismuth
4. "Current" states in bismuth
V.T. Dolgopolov
JETP, 1975, Vol. 41, No. 1, p. 173
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5. Type I superconductors in a high-amplitude, low-frequency alternating field
6. Heating of electrons and holes in bismuth and their energy-relaxation times
7. Symmetry of "current" states and spontaneous oscillations in bismuth
8. Interaction of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies on reflection from the surface of a normal metal
9. Microstructure of a resistive layer on an aluminum surface
10. Experimental study of a superconducting layer on the surface of indium or tin in a low-frequency electromagnetic field of large amplitude
11. Scaling under conditions of the integral quantum Hall effect
12. Density of states in n-type inversion layers at the (100) surface of Si in a quantizing magnetic field
13. Temperature dependence of conductivity in high mobility MIS structures on a base of (001) silicon
14. Density of states of a two-dimensional electron gas half-way between Landau levels of metal-oxide-silicon structures
15. Filamentation of the Hall current in a two-dimensional nonlinear electron system in a quantizing magnetic field
16. Energy relaxation time in a two-dimensional electron gas at a (001) surface of silicon
17. Nondiffusion penetration of low-frequency electromagnetic waves into bismuth
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