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1. Theory of Hyperfine Structure of the Mössbauer Line in Paramagnetic Substances
2. Singularities Caused by Electron-phonon Interaction in the Phonon Dispersion Law
3. On the Kinetic Theory of Gases with Rotational Degrees of Freedom
4. Suppression of Inelastic Channels in Resonant Nuclear Scattering in Crystals
5. Resonance Phenomena in Nonlinear Optics
6. Optical Harmonic Generation in Semiconductors and in Dielectrics Close to an Absorption Band Edge
7. Change of Resonance Nuclear Parameters During Scattering by Regular Systems
8. Suppression of Inelastic Channels in Resonance Scattering of Neutrons in Regular Crystals
9. Contribution to the Theory of "Degenerate" Spectra of the Hyperfine Structure of the Mössbauer Line in Paramagnets
10. A Study of Spin-lattice Relaxation on the Basis of the Hyperfine Structure of Fe3+ Mössbauer Spectra
11. Effect of Weak Magnetic Fields on the Paramagnetic Hyperfine Structure of the Mössbauer Line in Fe(ClO4)3
12. Temperature Variation of the Width and Shift of the Resonance Level when Particles Move in a Crystal
13. Investigation of Superparamagnetism of Ferromagnetic Particles by Mossbauer Spectroscopy
14. Theory of Resonance Bragg Scattering of γ Quanta by Regular Crystals
15. Suppression of the inelastic channels of a nuclear reaction in a crystal under the conditions of hyperfine splitting
16. Shapes of Mössbauer spectra in the rapid-relaxation limit
17. Mössbauer spectra of the hyperfine structure of paramagnetic Fe3+ ions in weak magnetic fields
18. Relaxation Mössbauer spectra in cubic systems
19. Resonant scattering of Mössbauer gamma quanta under relaxation conditions
20. Suppression of inelastic channels under hyperfine splitting conditions. lnterference phenomena
21. External photoeffect in the diffraction of x rays in a crystal with a perturbed layer
22. Theory of Mössbauer spectra in the presence of spin-spin relaxation
23. Radiation from ultrarelativistic particles passing through perfect or mosaic crystals
24. Discrete forms of Mössbauer spectra
25. Effect of spin-lattice relaxation on the Mössbauer spectrum of metmyoglobin
26. Position of the Zeeman lines in the Mössbauer spectra of paramagnetic materials
27. Inelastic scattering of neutrons by paramagnetic ions under relaxation conditions
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