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1. Coherent Interaction Length of Light Waves in a Nonlinear Medium
2. Concerning One Possibility of Amplification of Light Waves
3. The Threshold and Intensity of Stimulated Raman Radiation Lines in Liquids
4. Influence of the Finite Aperture of a Light Beam on Nonlinear Effects in an Anisotropic Medium
5. Statistical Effects Connected with the Generation of Optical Harmonics
6. Self-focusing and Self-trapping of Intense Light Beams in a Nonlinear Medium
7. Theory of Generation of Optical Harmonics in Converging Beams
8. Development of an Optical Waveguide in the Propagation of Light in a Nonlinear Medium
9. Nonstationary Phenomena and Space-time Analogy in Nonlinear Optics
10. Stimulated Raman Scattering by Infrared-active Transitions
11. Spectral Characteristics and Oscillation Dynamics in Neodymium Aluminum-Yttrium Garnet Quasicontinuous Lasers
12. Interferometry of Radiation Intensity of CW Gas Lasers
13. Combined Effects of Molecular Relaxation and Medium Dispersion in Stimulated Raman Scattering of Ultrashort Light Pulses
14. Stimulated Raman Scattering in a Field of Ultrashort Light Pulses
15. Spatial field and intensity correlation functions of laser radiation
16. Effects of inhomogeneity of optical pumping in lasers and in stimulated scattering. Self-excitation due to distributed feedback
17. Statistical phenomena in Raman scattering stimulated by a broad-band pump
18. Cubic nonlinear susceptibilities of crystals in the optical band; the signs and magnitudes of the susceptibilities of crystals with and without centers of inversion
19. Polarization active Raman spectroscopy and coherent Raman ellipsometry
20. Nonlinear processes in vibrational-translational relaxation of a gas of strongly excited molecules
21. Interaction of relativistic particles with intense interference optical fields
22. Diffraction of light from a rough surface with an arbitrary "deep" profile: interaction of diffracted beams, anomalous absorption, and maximum attainable local fields
23. Picosecond spectroscopy of nonlinear optical activity and nonlinear absorption in gallium arsenide
24. Induced and spontaneous transitions between discrete levels of electrons channeled in crystals
25. Dissociative recombination of an electron and a molecular ion
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