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1. The thermoelectric field in superconductors
2. Collective excitations with a sound spectrum in superconductors
3. Nonstationary Josephson effect in quasi-two-dimensional superconductors
4. Electron-hole balance and semiconductor properties of quasi-one-dimensional charge-density-wave conductors
5. Andreev reflection and the electric resistance of superconductors in the intermediate state
6. Theory of nonstationary Josephson effect in short superconducting contacts
7. Dynamics of phase slip center of charge-density wave
8. Energy spectrum of Peierls semiconductors in the two-band model
9. On the theory of the Fröhlich conductivity of a conductor with a commensurable charge density wave
10. Contribution to the theory of kinetic phenomena in Peierls dielectics
11. Weak link between conductors with a charge density wave
12. Effect of impurities on the threshold field of a commensurate charge-density wave
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