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1. Comparison of Theory of Dislocation Mobility with Experimental Data for Silicon
2. Influence of electrically active impurities an the mobility of separate dislocations in germanium
3. Domain structure of yttrium iron garnet single crystals
4. Investigation of the nature of the diode effect on dislocations in silicon
5. Concerning the mechanism of formation of the diode effect in silicon under the influence of an individual dislocation
6. Polarization-optical investigation of magnetization processes near dislocations in yttrium iron garnet single crystals
7. The dependence of the electrical properties of silicon on the plastic deformation and annealing temperatures
8. Dynamics of a 180-degree Bloch wall in yttrium iron garnet
9. Interaction of Bloch walls with dislocations in garnet films possessing a cylindrical domain structure
10. Influence of point defects on formation and motion of kinks in dislocations in silicon
11. An experimental study of the spectrum of spin waves localized on a Bloch line
12. Flexural vibrations of a monopolar domain wall in yttrium iron garnet
13. Motion of Bloch walls in a 180-degree domain wall under the action of gyrotropic forces
14. Experimental investigation of the dynamics of kinks of dislocation lines in semiconductor single crystals
15. Investigation of the dependence of the dynamic properties of domain walls in yttrium iron garnet on the state of their structure
16. Interaction of a dislocation with a domain wall produced by a gradient field in a magnetically uniaxial film
17. Dynamic transformations of domain-wall structure in an alternating magnetic field
18. Magnetic orientational phase transition in a real crystal
19. Dynamics of Bloch lines in yttrium iron garnet
20. Effect of reversal of the dislocation glide direction on their mobility properties in germanium single crystals
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