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1. A Scheme of Weak Interactions with Neutral Currents
2. On the Mass of a Complex Vector Field
I.B. Khriplovich
JETP, 1963, Vol. 16, No. 4, p. 1055
PDF (266.5K)

3. Commutation Relations for the Components of the Current Density
4. The gravitational radiation emitted by an ultrarelativistic charged particle in an external electromagnetic field
5. Optical activity of heavy-metal vapors - a manifestation of the weak interaction of electrons and nucleons
6. A bound on the proton electric dipole moment derived from atomic experiments
7. The radiations emitted by an ultrarelativistic particle in a gravitational field
8. Possibility of studying the structure of weak neutral currents in optical transitions in heavy atoms
9. Interaction of classical Yang-Mills charges and the problem of quark confinement
10. Optical activity of thallium and lead vapors near suppressed M1 transitions
11. P-odd nuclear forces - a source of parity violation in atoms
12. On the energy difference between optical isomers resulting from parity nonconservation
13. The nature of the strongly forbidden M1 transitions and the g-factor anomalies in heavy atoms
14. Nuclear-structure corrections to the deuterium hyperfine structure and Lamb shift
15. Logarithmic corrections in the two-body problem in QED
16. Large relativistic corrections to the positronium decay probability
17. Corrections of order α4R to the positronlum P levels
18. Order α4(m/M)Rinfty corrections to hydrogen P levels
19. Particle with internal angular momentum in a gravitational field
20. Chiral photon current and its anomaly in a gravitational field
21. Macroscopic manifestations of a chiral anomaly in a gravitational field
22. New bounds on the electric dipole moment of the electron and on T-odd electron-nucleon coupling
23. Possibility of investigating P- and T-odd nuclear forces in atomic and molecular experiments
24. Feasibility of x-ray studies of the magnetic structure of crystals
25. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in a gravitational field
26. P-odd long-range action of ions magnetically ordered crystals
27. P-odd van der Waals forces
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