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1. Effect of the nature of electron reflection on the penetration of an electromagnetic wave through a metallic plate
2. Investigation of the surface conductivity of tin in a magnetic field by a high-frequency technique
3. Surface impedance of cadmium in a magnetic field
4. Nonlinear Cyclotron absorption of a hole doppleron in cadmium
5. Skin effects in metals in a perpendicular magnetic field
6. Excitation of dopplerons and Gantmakher-Kaner waves in metals
7. Skin effect in a metal plate and peculiarities of Gantmakher-Kaner oscillations
8. Nonlinear Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance in metals
9. Current states in metals at low frequencies
10. Investigation of the electron-electron scattering in tungsten
11. Influence of magnetic Landau damping on the skin effect and Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance in a metal plate
12. Nonlinear resistance of thin metal plates
13. Nonlinear anomalous skin effect in metals
14. Skin effect and Doppler-shifted cyclotron resonance in metals with open orbits
15. Radiowave propagation in a metal plate in a perpendicular magnetic field
16. Influence of character of carrier reflection on the doppleron oscillations In metals with open orbits
17. Oscillations of metal-plate impedance and character of electron reflection
18. Dopplerons and the Gantmakher-Kaner effect in a compensated-metal plate
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